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Hey loves. How was your holiday weekend, if you are in the United States and celebrated Labor Day? We had a great weekend with seeing family, a cookout, and knocking out house projects as the weather was rainy and crappy. Today  I am linking up with Tanya for some Amazon fun

Fall is in the air which means more slow cooker meals. People rave about their love of the slow cooker liners. I added them to my subscribe and save, but forgot I bought them and haven't used them yet. Do you a liner when using your slow cooker?

Why are sponges so expensive? We change ours out weekly. Having sponges on subscribe and save makes she we don't run out, because someone doesn't always look to make sure we have a spare before the sponge is thrown away.
If you know my kids they could live off of goldfish if you let them. We always have goldfish on subscribe and save because it is so much cheaper. I saw one of these size boxes at the store the other day for $11, I pay about $14 for two.

Do you use a tooth whitener? I saw a few Instagram friends using these whitening strips so I decided to try them out. I have only used once so far and may notice a little bit. (opps i just read your suppose to use 4 days in a row then 1 to 2 x a week after that)

We make coffee daily in our house. Having coffee filters on subscribe and save makes it so we never run out. 

Ella now has a locker at school (if she used it that would be a different story). She just had to decorate it like the other kids. We bought a basic locker accessory kit for her to use. 

Austin needed another water bottle, this kid is rough on them and drops them and breaks the handles off them. He also was drinking 2-3 bottles of his last size. This time I went with a 25oz bottle and it lasts him all day at school then he refills when he gets home. He also likes the softer nipple-straw.

I bought Ella this cute hair tinsel to wear in her hair because she won't let her dye it. You are suppose to tie it in your hair and it is suppose to stay. We tried a few times and if her hair is down it just slowly slides out. She hasn't been wearing her hair up at all this year.

Recently we installed ceiling fans and lights in every bedroom. The kids are not tall enough to reach the pull strings and we don't want them jumping to turn on the light or fan. These pull chains extenders are great for making them long enough for the kids to reach.

Ella needed dishwasher safe mod podge for a craft she was doing and our local craft store only carried it in a huge jar. 

Ella wanted colored hair clips for another craft she was making. 

Cute fall tree for decorations. 

Brian got a new vehicle and needed to put his EZ Pass for toll roads in it. These adhesive velcor strips are recommended for them.

Lindsay from Lindsay's Sweet World has talked about this sweatshirt for years. I tried to buy it last year and I waited to long and it was sold out and then when it became available it wouldn't be here in time for Halloween. She shared about it again a few weeks ago on Instagram and I had to get it. 

I got tired of our toothbrushes just sitting on the counter and I would find the toothpaste in a different spot everyday. Now our toothbrushes and toothpaste have a space. This is in our master bathroom. 

Anna need someplace to put her stuffed animals and I was looking for a storage container for Austin's nerf guns. These freestanding laundry baskets are what we are trying. Ella and Austin already have their stuffed animals in these so we are really just trying these for the nerf guns. 

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  1. Such great finds! I may need to get that toothbrush/paste storage combo as I've been wanting to replace our toothbrush holder and this one seems to be perfect!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The laundry baskets for stuffed animals etc are so smart. The toothbrush holder is genius since it won't get slimy at the bottom like a cup would. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases ~ Tanya @ The Other Side of the Road


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