Our Week with trucks and snakes

  Hey loves. We had a fun week with lots going on.... 

Monday September 12

Rushed morning after sleeping in, picking up Ella, getting all 3 kids to school in time and doing some running around. I took no pictures during the day. 

I did remember to throw the pork butt in the crockpot, but forgot to buy buns so we had pulled pork over tator tots with cheese and bbq sauce. It actually turned out really good. 

I grabbed myself an Olipop while I was at Whole Foods. I have only ever tried the root beer flavor. For being sparkling tonic it tastes just like pop. 

Austin had his first soccer practice. He had fun running around and kicking the ball. 

While Austin was doing soccer practice Ella and Anna played at the playground for the first half. 

Then we went and watched the rest of his practice. Anna ended up stealing his ball and kicking it around. Ella and Brian were playing some too. 

Anna got bored watching so we had some fun taking pictures. I only have about 100 of her making different faces. 

Tuesday September 13

Lazy morning with no school. Anna and I played a lot with her little people princess castle. 

She colored me a picture, while I did some reading. 

Cuddle time in hopes she would take a nap. She didn't nap but I took a quick power nap.

Dinner we had loaded pork quesadilla's. 

After dinner Ella and I went to her Girl Scout meeting/parent meeting. She is all registered for another year of fun. 

Wednesday September 14

This girl as we are walking to school tells me "As If" like are we back in the 90s here with Clueless. I gave her a look and she said mom everyone says it. Thanks now I feel really old. 

The kids went off to school and I headed to Walmart to find Anna a new pair of tennis shoes. I feel like her feet grew overnight. One day her shoes fit the next day they don't. I found her a cute pair of Minnie Mouse shoes that she loves so it was a successful trip. I also grabbed some odds and ends and kids snacks. I haven't been to Walmart in forever and it was a disaster. They are remodeling, aisles you could only get one cart down it. I was happy to get in and out. 
I also stopped by Dollar Tree before I picked up Anna. They were starting to put out Christmas decorations already. 

It is time to move. This huge spider was right next to our front door. There was also two spiders on the trampoline when Anna and I went to play. This would be the one major con of living the woods. 

Happy Birthday to my mom. We did a facetime picture. 

Thursday September 15

Mom take my picture. Who knows what she is doing. Yes there is always a mess in the toy room

Anna asked to go out front and play. I decided to knock out some much needed yard work. Here is a before of part of the yard. 

And the after. There is still a lot more that needs done. 

Pulled out one of my fall candles from last year. I lit and to see if I could smell it. I was so happy when I could smell it. Little by little I am getting some smell back from losing it back in December. 

Some one had to much fun playing outside. After dinner Austin found her at the bottom of the stairs sleeping. It was cute. 

Friday September 16

I keep saying I am going to get so much done now that I have two hours to myself three days a week. I have done more shopping and running around then being productive with my to do list. Instead of going grocery shopping in person and doing other running around, I went and sat at the library and knocked out some blog and collab work. 

After picking up Anna we picked up my Instacart order. 

Came home and ate lunch. She was acting like she was still in school and raising her hand when she wanted something. It was so adorable. 

First time pushing play on a workout in a while. I did a pilates workout in the living room. 

After dinner Ella and I went shopping to find her some mermaid invites for her birthday party. We didn't find any but grabbed some plan invites to instead. We had goofing off but at the same time I don't think she wants to go shopping with me anymore. 

I don't get the craze with these pillows that are $40. She wanted to by it for my mom who is named Marcia, because the pillows name was Marsha. (which is spelled different but pronounced the same). Side not I also don't like stuffed animals. They take up space and don't get played with.

Saturday September 17

Saturday morning craziness has started. Brian worked showing a house then we headed to the farmers market to buy corn and honey sticks. The stand we buy the honey sticks wasn't there, but somehow the kids talked Brian into buying donuts. They were cake donuts with lots of frosting and m&ms or sprinkles. I was surprised my kids ate them. 

After the farmers market we headed to our city's touch a truck event. I was surprised by how dead it was, but also means we got to see everything and walk through it quick as we were on a time crunch.

Ella- "mom you ready for snow" 
me- "yes bring it on"

Ella- this fire truck has to many buttons. 

Austin- can I drive the ambulance

Anna- didn't talk to anyone but found the horn. 

Up next was Austin's soccer game. While Austin was his jersey shirt and shoes on the girls played at the playground for 15 minutes. 

Then we headed over to watch his game. Austin did good the first half. He was running around, kicking the ball, and actually playing. The second half he got hot and got whiny. 

Ella and Anna did good without having anything to amuse them. The last 10 minutes Anna did end up with my phone.

On the way back to the car Brian found a garden snake. He thought he would be funny and try to bring it home with us. Not happening. 

We invited my parents and sister over to celebrate my parent's birthdays from the past week. We made grilled caprese chicken with air fries brussel sprouts and zucchini, bread from the farmers market and corn on the cob. 

We ended the night watching the Ohio State game. 

Sunday September 18

Ella requested pumpkin crepes for our Sunday breakfast. They turned out really good, but major sugar overload. 

Before the Brown's game Brian was outside doing yard work. Anna wanted to play with bubbles. I saw this hack online somewhere and decided to give it a try. It worked great until the bubbles got to low. 

Sunday afternoon Ella and I did a little running around to find her cricket for her frog. When we got home Ella stole my phone to take pictures of the deer in our backyard. 

The night ended with the boys having haircuts because Austin has school pictures this week, showers, and early bedtimes. 

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