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 Hey loves. How is your week going? I thought the days would be less busy, more productive, less stressful,  and I would get more stuff done now that the kids are back in school and Anna is in preschool 3 days a week. That has turned out to not be true. We are still over here adjusting to our new schedules. 

Monday September 5

Holiday weekend with no plans called for making peach scones. They turned out really good. 

Brian said I could decorate after Labor Day, well I decided on Labor Day was better. It was chilly and rainy and nothing planned then what batter time than to decorate. 

Ella caught a frog. Has been keeping him in this box with a lid and holes drilled into the lid. She feeds him crickets everyday, changes his water and grass. So far he has been staying in the garage but she has been very good a taking care of him. We haven't decided what exactly going to happen once it gets colder and he needs to hibernate. She really wants to get a cage and heat lamp and bring him in the house. 

Speaking of fall decor. i bought this stand off facebook marketplace to use temporarily until we really decide what we want here. Everything I find that I like is over $100 where this was $20. Did you realize that it is a diaper changing table?

While I was decorating Brian started demo in the basement. We started taking down the hanging ceiling and ripping up the carpet. Currently it is three odd shaped small room that the previous owners ran a business out of. We are turning into one big room for the kids craft/play room.

Dinner we had burgers and corn on the cob. This little cutie ate her corn then stole mine too. 

The kids were playing with the spiders I bought from Dollar Tree to use as decorations. I found one on Brian's pillow when I went to bed. Nice try Austin. 

Tuesday September 6

Up and ate up early morning workout starting a new program. 

Our first rainy walk to the bus stop. Thankfully it was just more of an annoying drizzle than a dour pour

Brian was working from house so I amused this little one with playing some yahtzee while he was on a phone call. 

and building with her Dupblo blocks. 

Anna has had preschool orientation. I forgot to take a picture while we were there. Her classroom is a lot bigger this year with 28 kids (last year there were 12) but he best friend is in her class again, which I planned with her mom since we pick the class times. 

My friend Jaclyn over at Coffee Pancakes and Dreams has a Question a Day Journal coming out on September 27. You can preorder on Amazon. I got my hands on it early and I am loving it so far. 

A little behind this month with getting organized. I took the time to update all the calendars for the month. 

After school Brian started taking down the drywall. Ella got to use the sledge hammer and take out her aggression. 

Austin also got down there and helped too.

Wednesday September 7

Feeling good getting these early morning workouts done. 

I forgot to pack lunches the night before so I did them in the morning while Ella was eating her breakfast. Austin got a ham, cheese and mustard sandwich, strawberries, marshmellows with mini chocolate chips, string cheese, and carrots and celery. He ate everything but the veggies. (i tried but he is not a veggie eater)

Ella got homemade hamburger helped, carrots w ranch, strawberries and grapes, a yogurt smoothie, pb crackers, and a chewy bar. She gave away the pb crackers because she doesn't like pb but ate the rest. We also ordered her a bigger lunch box so she could fit more food in it. 

Off to school full book bag, lunch, and trumpet

Ella's mornings start early. Some days we get beautiful sunrises, eventually I know I will be walking her to the bus stop in the dark. 

I will call her my poser. She asked to have her picture taken like this. 

and like this. 

Audrianna had her first day of preschool. She goes 3 days a week for 2 and a half hours a day. 

This year they start writing and really learning the alphabet. I remember when Ella was in preschool she came home with papers so we got a bigger bookbag so they would fit in her bag without being folded. 

So yes her bookbag is half the size of her. 

Excited and waiting for the doors to open. She was hesitant on walking in by herself but a teacher came and took her and there were no problems and no tears this year. (last year she cried for 3 weeks)

Mommy freedom calls for a apple crisp macchiato from Starbucks and shopping at Trader Joes. The drink was ehh not my favorite. I was disappointed in Trader Joes everyone on social has been sharing their pumpkin finds and my Trader Joes hadn't gotten any in yet. 

Such a hard day at school calls for a nap. 

Playtime with the frog when Ella gets home from school. 

Thursday September 8

My morning stack while my pre-workout kicks in. 

Attack daddy and sit on his shoulders. 

I got in on the love with a kiss!!!

Then the day went down hill. I dumped my shake, before I blended it on Anna's head. I didn't realize that she pushed the stool up behind me, I turned around and bam. She was not happy with me. I cleaned her up then made another shake and shared it with her. 

After our shake Anna and I went outside to play on the trampoline. Within a few few of us walks up a deer. 

Dinner was honey garlic soy glazed salmon. 

Brian's two sisters and husbands were in town staying at his parents house. We stopped over after dinner so Ella could say hi because it was her father's weekend. Afterwards we drove around a little on the way home. Princess fell asleep, she had been fighting a nap so it called for a little earlier bedtime. 

Austin reminds me of Bert from Mary Poppins with his the hat unrolled. 

Friday September 9

Friday I watched the girls for a few hours. They played for an hour at home then we all headed off to school. While they were at school I got my grocery shopping done in person. I determined I saved about $15 this particular trip by going in person with the mark up when using Instacart. 

It was my father's birthday. I took a FaceTime photo of him. 

After school fun. The girls requested mac and cheese for lunch. Then they played dress up while I did the dishes. 

Then we headed outside to play in the sandbox

and on the trampoline until it was time for them to leave. 

Saturday September 10

Saturday was a low key day at home. I did a lot cleaning, straightening up, and catching up on things around the house. Brian worked some and spent most of the day outside cutting grass and chopping wood.

The 4 of us (Anna, Austin, Brian, and myself) ventured to Costco around 3pm. It was busy, if there was a sample cart there was way to many people. The worst part is they are in the process of remodeling and a lot of stuff were in different places and they didn't have everything we went for. There will be another trip soon not on the weekend. 

Sunday September 11

Sunday morning we normally have pancakes or waffles. I decided I wanted to make homemade sourdough English muffins with the cutest assistant. 

They turned out dense and not airy. I did half on the stove like my recipe and half in the air fryer. The ones in the air fryer turned out better. I will try again another day.

Afternoon workout while the Browns game was on before company came over. 

Anna showing her Aunt the house she made. We had Brian's two sisters, brother in laws, brother, sister in law, niece, and dad over to watch the second half of the Browns game and dinner. Brian made homemade lasagna with homemade sauce. It was really good. 

I hung my pumpkin lanterns outside. I need to buy one more to go by our front door. 

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