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Hey loves. We had a crazy weekend but starting off this week strong and with a schedule and being prepared.  Today  I am linking up with Tanya for some Amazon fun. 

Flavor blasted Goldfish- I like having the smaller bags to grab when we are going somewhere like soccer and when my kids stayed with my parents for the weekend.

Big boxes of goldfish- My kids obviously have a goldfish addiction, but I also didn't realize I ordered two different set of goldfish on autoship. Austin does take goldfish for snack most days as well as it is Anna's favorite snack.

Kids Echo- Austin got an echo for his room for Christmas. It wasn't working right but we figured it was just our wifi because his room is furthest from the base. Amazon actually send me an email with a voucher for a new one and said they noticed it is not working properly. Thats awesome and crazy at the same time. The new one is working great so it wasn't our wifi.

Low cut socks- Austin needed new socks so I ordered him these. They actually run big and were way to big for his feet but they work perfect for me. 

No Show socks- Ella needed new socks too.

Colored low cut socks- These are what I bought as a replacement for Austin. I didn't want the same colors or we would get them confused. 

Trampoline ladder- We bought the kids a trampoline for their birthday. Anna couldn't get on and off herself and I was getting her in and out what felt like every 5 minutes. This ladder is wonderful now she can get in and out herself. 

Mermaid lunch box- After a few weeks of school Ella requested a bigger lunch box. Her last one was a few years old and didn't fit to much in it. We went shopping and didn't find anything at the stores as back to school rush was over but found the perfect one for her online. 

Purple hair- Ella has been wearing a purple hair clip in her hair everyday at school and it was getting thin. I bought her some new ones for her birthday. 

Battery Powered Motion Sensing night light- We have one in our hallway and love it. We got another one to put on the stairs 

Bookmarks- An idea I got for gifts and possibly selling.


Bead Bracelet kit- Ella's birthday

Tattoo- for birthday goodie bags

Toe Separators- For Ella's spa night birthday

Chapstick- For Ella's spa night birthday

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  1. they work great especially because we dont have any outlets in our hallways.

  2. The nightlights are such a good idea, and I had no idea they made special Echo's for kids! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. The echo's for kids are nice because you can set limits there are games geared toward kids and they dont play explicit music

  3. That mermaid lunchbox is so pretty! I love the spa birthday idea and you found some great things for it on Amazon.


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