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 Hey loves. Anyone else in denial that it is October 17th already. Where has the month went. As much as I want it to slow down and enjoy the rest of the fall with festivals, Halloween parties, and trick or treating I am itching to decorate for Christmas, but have been told I can't until after Thanksgiving because we are hosting for the first time this year. Brian did already order a new Christmas tree for our foyer and I am so excited to figure out how we are going to decorate everything. 

  • This tree right outside our window by the fireplace is gorgeous. The purples and yellows. Even Ella has made comments that she is loving the colors of the trees this year. 

  • I can not say enough how much we love our new school (and new neighborhood). Austin has a speech delay that has also contributed with struggling with reading. Compared to doing speech therapy at his last school 1 day a week for 30 minutes, he goes to speech therapy everyday for 20 minutes. He is now also doing 20 minutes of reading therapy (that is not what it is called but it is what I call it). In the two weeks this has been going on we have seen a huge difference in his reading. 
  • Austin is doing soccer this season. It is his first year and he wanted to try it. He may not love it, doesn't want to do it again, and only has an attention span for half the game, but he is getting better week by week. We have one more game left. 
  • Austin had his yearly check up. Everything is looking good. No concerns, which for him is great news. Like always keep an eye on his urine, going to the bathroom, and frequent stools. Also try introducing more veggies. H

  • Ella is doing all the things in school. Besides getting A's and B's, in school she takes French,  choir, and plays the trumpet in bad. After school she is doing art club, service club, and student council. 
  • Ella has also started stealing my clothes. She has borrowed a few shirts. We both just got cowboy boots and they are the same size. She has always taken my socks.
  • Ella also had her yearly appointment and everything is looking good. Not a shocker she is going to be tall and should having a growth spurt soon and well as more changes. 

  • Anna has started saying "Thank you very much". She has always been very polite and using her manners, but throwing in "very much" just melts this mama heart. 
  • Her facial expression are so dramatic. Her new thing is to as for a picture then want to see it.

  • For the past 3 weeks I am getting into a good morning routine again. I am starting to feel like myself, having more energy, and in a better mood. 
  • My mommy heart is getting full with school activities. I helped out already at Ella's school for fall fest. I am signed up to help both Ella and Austin for their schools Halloween parties.

  • Brian had been keeping himself busy on house projects. He just planted grass in the front yard (no more mud puddle), started demoing the basement to give the kids a playroom, and started taking down wallpaper to redo out office. 
What have you been up to lately?

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