Mermaid Birthday Party

We celebrated Ella's 11th birthday with a mermaid themed sleepover party. Ella's is still obsessed with mermaids and we opted for a sleepover with some friends over going somewhere. Her last sleepover (with different girls) ended with the girls on electronics, facetiming and calling people, etc. To avoid all this Ella and I planned a fun filled party that would keep them all occupied. 

I went very minimal with decor for the birthday party this year. I have been known to go all out, but this year we kept it more low key. 

Streamers on the ceiling 

Balloon arch, I bought this balloon pump and garland strip a few years ago and it has been a game changer. No more turning red blowing up balloons. Ella picked up a variety pack of balloons and also hung them herself. 

The happy birthday banner and bubbles are from Hobby Lobby. (I will say we saw a bunch of mermaid birthday supplies over the summer and held off on buying, by the time we went to purchase everything they were sold out)


We found mermaid tails at the Dollar Tree for the girls to paint. We also grabbed small paint brushes and I had all the paint already. 

Facemasks (from TJ Maxx), headbands to keep hair out of face (Dollar Tree) , nail polish (Emma brand) , toe separators (Amazon), and chapstick (Amazon). 

Hot Chocolate bombs (TJ Maxx), and disposable cups (Dollar Tree) to have at the fire with smores. 


The girls arrived had their little excitement scream fest as girls do. Then they painted their mermaid tails so we could put them up to dry. 

Up next they played some games. 

Any somehow ended up playing with Anna's baby dolls, without her. These seemed to be a trend all weekend. 

Time to eat. We kept it simple with chips, pretzels, dip, and pizza. Then the girls played some more games and were wild.

Next up we had cake. The cake is a white cake with cream cheese filling from Costco. My mom made all the mermaid and shells out of fondant. Ella and my mom decorated it. She loved it. 

They sang happy birthday and ate cake. I forgot I had bought ice cream opps. 

Next up we did gifts as the one girl was only staying a few hours and had to leave. 

The girls played a little more in the house. We made hot chocolate bombs then we went outside to the fire.

The girls each had a smores then headed inside. It was really windy with having winds from Hurricane Ian. 

Time for the spa night. Facemasks and nail polish. The girls loved this. Some had never done a facemask before. 

Anna was so excited to be one of the big girls and get a facemask and her nails polished too. 

We ended the night with mattresses and sleeping bags in the living room watching Addams Family, the birthday girls choice. I went upstairs at 11, the girls ended up staying up to 1, there was a pillow fight, snacks, and watching Descendants. 

Good morning. 

Ella requested French toast and bacon.

Overall Ella had a great birthdya party. The girls were all well behaved, got along, and there was no drama or issues.

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  1. Lovely to hear that your daughter had a fab birthday! It looks like lots of fun was had.
    Thank you for sharing with #MMBC. :)


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