Most Wonderful Time of the Year- Holiday Tips

Hey loves. Most of us are still thinking about fall festivals, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween. The reality is 68 days until Christmas Eve. It is never to early to start thinking about the holidays. (Even Amazon had prime day last week and). As if our lives aren't crazy enough lets add in all the craziness that the holidays bring. 

This is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, let's not get overwhelmed with the holidays. Today I am sharing tips to really make this year the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. (I celebrate Christmas so I reference Christmas in this post but you can use these tips for most holidays)

Make a Bucket List with your Family

What is really important to your family to do? If going to see Santa isn't important and/or is to much stress then don't do it. If you want to drive around and see the lights or take a train ride, put it on the list. 

Put It In the Calendar

This helps make sure you can do everything you want to do. 

Make Christmas Wish Lists

Before you know it the grandparents will be calling to ask what your kids want/need for Christmas. My kids and I have started taking pictures of items the kids want when we are out shopping. Then I write out a list to give to the grandparents. I also give separate lists to each grandparent, aunts, etc. to try and eliminate duplicates. Another idea is making an Amazon wish list. 

List of Who to Shop For

Don't forget that white elephant gift exchange at work, your kids teachers, etc. 

Start Shopping Early

Rumor is that black Friday deals are not going to be that good, hot items go fast, and there is always a possibility of shipping issues. 

Make Menu's and decide on times

From Thanksgiving breakfast and dinner, North Pole Breakfast (elf on the shelf), Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, Christmas Dinner, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Friendsgiving, and everything in between that has special significance to you. Make a list of what your having and what you need to buy in advance. Don't forget to delegate. Simple is always better. Prep what you can in advance, and shop early.

No one likes showing up to an event being told dinner is at 4, then you don't eat until 6. 

Christmas Cards

If you send our Christmas cards you probably have been thinking of pictures already. Along with that designing, ordering, and mailing out cards. Start sooner than later. I have already noticed a delay in some mail. Don't forget stamps too.

Make your Cleaning List

No one is going to notice your baseboards, but if it makes you feel better that they are cleaned, than clean them. Most cleaning can be done in advance and spread out so not overwhelmed the few days leading up to events. October is the perfect time to deep clean 

Schedule it

hair appointments, hotel reservations, date nights... 

Take Inventory of Gift Wrapping Supplies

From wrapping paper to tape to the ruler that sprouted legs, see what you have on hand and what you need to purchase. 

Ask for Help

If you are hosting or not, ask others for help and/or offer help to others. Don't overwhelm yourself with the holidays. They happen once a year are meant to be enjoyed. 

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. What holiday prep tips could you add?

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  1. These are great tips. Especially taking a photo of items to go on the Christmas wish list. That way you can't forget and it makes it easier for relatives to know what to buy. I haven't thought about Christmas yet but you have inspired me to start planning. Is it really only 68 days until Christmas Eve!!! wow!!

  2. Love these tips- you are speaking my love language- can't wait for Countdown to Christmas starts on Hallmark on Friday :) Yes my family thinks I am nuts!

  3. Good idea about mailing Christmas cards, didn't think of the mail delays this year. Great tips!


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