This Or That

 Hey loves. Happy Halloween. My two oldest are off school today. Anna has her Halloween party at school and Austin has a neighborhood party today too. Lots of Halloween fun going on.

 Let's play a little this or that. I have been seeing a bunch all over Instagram so I took the questions and posted them below. 

Apple or Pumpkins- pumpkin

College Football or NFL- college football. I am from Cleveland and I hate to say the Cleveland Browns suck and watching them is hard. 

Pumpkin Spice or Cider- both Pumpkin Spice in the morning and Spiked Cider at night

Maple or Cinnamon- maple

Movie or Book- both Hallmark movies or curling up with a good book

Hayride or Cornmaze- hay ride

Halloween or Thanksgiving- I love Halloween for the kids, but Thanksgiving for the family

Apple Picking or Pumpkin Carving- pumpkin carving, i have never been apple picking

Cozy Blankets or Warm Sweaters- cozy blankets

Hocus Pocus or Nightmare Before Christmas- Hocus Pocus

Soup or Chili- soup 

Trick or Treating or Trunk or Treating- both 

Snickers or Twix Snickers

Chocolate Candy or Fruity Candy Chocolate

Witches or Vampires Witches (but then I do love Vampire Diaries and Twilight)

Themed family costume or each pick their own If we are going to Disney then I like them themed, if we are just staying local they can pick their own

Pick on and share in the comments.

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  1. Happy Halloween!
    What fun answers. I think I would pick the same as what you chose. x

  2. Yes to spiked cider and hay rides! We are having hot cider with caramel vodka in it tonight during trick or treating :) (the adults are- ha!)

    1. caramel vodka sounds good. we are doing spiced rum in apple cider

  3. Definitely yes to soup, snickers, cozy blankets and chocolate. I’ve never been on a hayride but I sure would like to! Happy Halloween 🎃


  4. So fun! That would be no football of any kind for me. LOL

    1. I use to hate football but have come to enjoy it but don't expect me to watch it without someone.

  5. This is so fun. I tried few questions too. When it comes to soup or chili, I too will definitely choose soup. :) Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  6. That's a really fun "this or that." I think I'd have to pick nothing that includes pumpkin or maple as I don't really like either. I'm a big party pooper :)

    1. oh my how can you not like pumpkin or maple? do you like peppermint mocha?


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