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Hey loves. Who else has started Christmas shopping? Our goal is to get all the kids done by Thanksgiving. I see it doable as we have started a lot already. With that I have also started shopping for other family memers (some of which read my blog) so I am not sharing some purchases that are gifts. Today  I am linking up with Tanya for some Amazon fun. 

Pumpkin Carving Tools- These made carving pumpkins so much easier. The tools didn't bend, made cutting easier and smoothier.

Cool Mist Humidifier- We have a different humidifier in each bedroom and last year had to replace a few also. This one is by far the easier to clean every nook and cranny and lasts all night.

Can shaped glasses- I hate the glasses we have and have some cute ideas for these. 

Mason Jar glasses- I got these too

Xbox Controller- the last one we had we bought used and it lasted a year and just stopped working

Goldfish- we actually ended up getting two order because Amazon lost our order and it finally showed up after I had already reordered

Ankle weights- I wanted for the workout program I just finished. 

Christmas Shirt- Someone else shared this (I can't remember who) and it screamed my name. 

No Touch Thermometer - Anna hasn't been feeling well and she has seemed hot to the touch but whenever I took her temp with our old thermometer it didn't show she had a fever. So I grabbed this one as a second opinion, in reality she isn't running a fever. 

Marshmallow sticks- Our old ones disappeared in our move and we had been borrowing our neighbors. I finally just ordered our own. 

Watch Band- someone shared this on Instagram and I had been looking for something that would go with different colored outfits and not switching all the time. Glitter is the answer

Spider - needed for a spiderweb we were given.

Glow Sticks- Bought for a game at Austin's school, also ended up giving out for kids goodie bags for school Halloween parties and on Halloween. 

Bring on the Merry- advent devotional journal

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  1. The pumpkin tools look like they could definitely get the job done! Love the glasses. Hubby insisted we buy the same thermometer in 2020, his office was using them due to the pandemic. As a nurse, not sure I like it. I'm old school and much more prefer old timey oral thermometers that are glass but as we know, they don't even use those in hospitals or clinics these days.

    1. The pumpkin tools were a game changed on the ease and less cussing of pumpkin carving. I honestly am not a big fan of the thermometer it gets so many different reading from the same head.

  2. We had to buy some glasses recently too; we picked some handled glass jars from Amazon. It's so nice to have that option now! I love that there is so much variety.

    1. I love to mix up our glasses I am just tried of all of Brian's beer sponsored glassed from his bachelor days.

  3. I have that mascara; I have bought it probably 3 or 4 different times. It works the best for me!

    1. I buy the mascara all the time. It is my favorite and you can't beat the price.

  4. That mascara is always a repurchase for me! You had lots of fun buys this month, especially the glow sticks and spider! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!

    1. I was surprised how small the box came with the spiders.


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