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Hey loves. Who else has done a lot of their Christmas shopping on Amazon this year? I don't think I have been to the store to buy Christmas gifts more than a handful, but at the same time we still have shopping to do. With that I am not sharing some of the items I have bought incase certain family members check out my blog. Today I am linking up with Tanya for some Amazon fun. 

My kids have a goldfish addiction. We get these two big boxes on subscribe and save every month. We are trying to get them to realize when we are out we are out and you have to wait until next month. You can't beat the subscribe and save price compared to buying them at the store. 

These are the cutest window clings. It is a 300 piece set, meaning 298 snowflakes and little white dots and one reindeer and one Santa. They are sticking great. The biggest bonus was my kids were not fighting over what set of window clings they got to hang up, they all got lots of snowflakes to hang up around the house. They seem like great quality that we will be able to use year after year.

Someone shared this lipstick duo. I am loving the subtle colors and lasting color. 

I shared on Instagram stories that I walk my daughter to the bus stop every morning and I needed warmer pants. Workout leggings and 12 degrees temps don't go together well. A friend recommended these fleece lined joggers. They are so comfy and warm.

My winter hat disappeared from last year (turns out my oldest daughter stole it) I needed a new warm hat that would stay on my head, not slip off my ears. This slouchy beanie hat is cute and warm and comes in so many colors. 

These mermaid make-up brushes are for Ella for Christmas. Between turning into a preteen and her move of mermaids I thought these would be perfect. 

I can't tell you how excited I am that claw clips are back in style. These have been great with staying in my hair when it is straight and curly. They are also not pulling giving you a headache. My only negative is that my daughter has been wearing them too.

White 5x7 picture frames with a white mat. Easy to hang, came with hanging nails, also can be stood up instead of hanging. It is not glass, it is plexiglass. (not the easiest to take dry erase marker off of when the Elf on the Shelf decided to turn the kids into devils). 

I bought these suction cup hooks to hang one wreath outside on a window that doesn't open. I haven't hung it yet to see if it is working. But they have good reviews and are recommended for wreaths. 

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  1. I love the idea of the fleece lined joggers. I bet that would be great for cold weather dog walking!

  2. I ordered about half of Mason's Christmas on Amazon this year!! Seriously, what did we do before Amazon? Those window clints are darling!! I love the jolly reindeer. Those makeup brushes are fun and perfect!!

  3. I have those claw clips and love them. I think I did all of the my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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