Elf on the Shelf 2022 Week 1

 Hey loves. Gusgus, our elf on the Shelf arrived last Friday with his North Pole breakfast and for another season of fun. We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition when Aubriella was one year old, which it hard to believe was 10 years ago. Did you know they have different Elf's now, girls and boys, with different colored eyes. 

Warning- Do not read with a child or if you are a child. 

Disclaimer- The rule in our house is the kids can't touch Gusgus or he loses his powers. If this happens Gusgus has to go in the fridge to get his powers back. We have been lenient this year with Audrianna grabbing him and bringing him to me because she doesn't like where he is or what he is touching. The parents in the house also have special powers to move Gusgus to a safe place so he doesn't get hurt or played with after he has been located. 

This year I made a calendar but haven't used it once. I also  bought some props and haven't used those either. We have been slacking and Gusgus has moved at the last minute a few times.

This year Gusgus arrived on Black Friday. His arrival day varies based on when Ella is with us and not at her fathers. 

Day 1- North Pole Breakfast (Black Friday November 25th)

The kids woke up before 630 to find that Gusgus had arrived with a little North Pole breakfast. He brought them some powdered donuts turned into snowmen and some fruit. 

Over the years GusGus has learned to keep his breakfast simple based on what the kids eat. The plastic plates I bought in years past from Walmart. They are only used for our North Pole breakfast. The Christmas tree coffee mugs I grabbed at Goodwill. 

Gusgus brought a beautiful printed note this year. Even with a typo as every note he has written has had some sort of typo or improper English. 

Austin and Anna were so hungry they couldn't wait until Ella or Brian came downstairs. I woke up Ella to come downstairs and see the North Pole breakfast before her siblings ate it all. She came down without her glasses, took a picture then headed back to bed for another hour or so. 

Day 2- (November 26th)

Gusgus wanted to go for a ride on Sven. Anna was not very happy about this so she pushed him off. 

Day 3- (November 27th)

Riding a hippo going to destroy Ella's village.

Day 4- (November 28th)

Gusgus decided to hang out with Mickey and Minnie on Disney tree.

Day 5- (November 29th)

Everyone has to poop. 

Austin- didn't he do this last year. 

Me- Don't you poop everyday? Gusgus poops everyday too. You just caught him pooping today.

Day 6- (November 30)

Gusgus was up to no good. He found a dry erase marker and turned the kids into devils on their school pictures. 

Day 7- (December 1st)

The start of advent calls for chocolate calendars for the kids. 

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