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 Hey loves!!! How was your holiday and New Years? Ours did not go as planned but we made the best of it. Incase you didn't hear, Prime Purchases link up with Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road has moved to the first Monday of the month. Lets see what I bought in December, there was a lot of last minute Christmas presents bought opps. 

So Cozy Detangler- last time I bought their leave in conditioner spray and loved it more on myself than on my kids hair. When I went to order more it was sold out so ordered the detangler. I love it for getting the knots of my Anna's hair and it seems to help her hair not getting as knotty either. 

Yahtzee handheld- Who remembers old school hand held games before we were always attached to our phones? I got this for my dad to play while in the nursing home for rehab. He didn't end up playing it because he just couldn't concentrate to do it, but my niece has had lots of fun with it. 

Crayons- Yes I became lazy and instead of going to the store to buy more crayons for Austin I ordered them online for the same price as going to the store would have been. Even though we bought 2 boxes at the beginning of the school year his teacher send home a note that they needed more crayons. Next year I will be stocking up on more when they are on sale.

Dry Erase Markers- Same as above Austin needed more markets for school

Goldfish Crackers- Hi if you are new here, my kids are obsessed with goldfish crackers and eat at least two big boxes a month. It comes every month on autoship and is cheaper than buying them at the store. 

Coffee Filters- Another item we get on autoship. This month they sent us white ones and not the unbleached because they were sold out of the unbleached ones

Safety Glasses- Brian asked for safety glasses for all the house projects he has going on. 

Otterbox case- Brian's phone case was looking rough. Instead of using the warranty and getting a replacement in the same color he had he opted to buy a new one in a different color.

Princess set- A few of Anna's crowns and wands from a different set have gotten broken in the last few weeks. I ordered her a new set that came with so much more. 

USB power box- Did you know if you get a new phone they no longer come with the converter boxes and they have switched from regular usb to usb-c ends which we didn't have any extra laying around the house. 

Phone Case- Ella got a phone for Christmas. I picked her out this purple glittery phone case. I am surprised by how durable it is and it isn't completely slick so you can still grip onto it. 

Extra Phone cords with boxes- A two set in purple for Ella. Now she has one at our house and her dads and there is no question if it is her because it is purple. 

Trader Joes Cookbook- for a secret Santa gift. The girl loves the book and has already made a few recipes from it. 

Papermate Flair Pens- Teachers gifts. 

Pony Playdoh- Last minute toy bought for Anna. 

Mess Free Coloring- These are one of Anna's favorite coloring activities. I love that the markers only mark on the special paper and I don't have to worry about marker all over my house. 

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  1. Oh my gosh I definitely need to check out the Trader Joe's Cookbook- genius!

  2. I'm kind of surprised at how many of our electronic devices no longer come with the plugs and just the cords.. I really need to buy some new power boxes.

    1. This was a first for us. Glad to know that it is now common so we are prepared in the future.

  3. I used to love that little handheld yahtzee game! Who knew they still made it! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. I've gotten those pens for teacher gifts before too, they are the best!


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