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 Hey loves. I am need to a girlfriend coffee date. I have 3 mornings a week that all my kids are in school I need to schedule one, next year Anna will be going to preschool in the afternoon. (I also need girlfriends who drink coffee) For now I am going to have a coffee date with you. What is your drink of choice? Right now I have been drinking coffee at home and either having hot black or iced coffee with a little chocolate syrup and coconut milk. 

  • I am in a soup mood. My goal is to make a different soup each week. Have for dinner one night and the rest as my lunches. Now this only works if it doesn't get left out on the stove overnight. (it wasn't me)
  • I am in tears over here reading about Sarah from Meet the Shaneyfelts adoption story of Baby Banks.
  • My reading for the year is 100 and 20 audiobooks. I should have went for a higher audiobook goal because I am really enjoying listening while doing housework. 
  • Anna has been sleeping in her own bed, which is awesome, but she likes waking up at 6am. I should be getting up and getting things done during this time or earlier but I feel like I am not getting restful sleep anymore. So many years of waking up numerous times a night with kids has taken a toll on my sleep. 
  • I am in the habit of reading/listening 3 books at once. One on the kindle, one physical copy from the library and one audiobook. 
  • I just finished week 4 of the workout program I am doing. I really am enjoying these workouts and giving myself grace when I get my workouts done. Now if I could get my nutrition in check that would be great.
  • I am patiently waiting to book our vacation for this year. We are going to Disney again, I know shocking, and staying off property. Hoping to fly, which would be Anna's first flight and she would be so excited but we may end up driving
  •  Austin is enjoying basketball and still obsessed with Star Wars and Xbox, yes we limit his time on electronics.
  • Ella is Ms. do everything. She has signed up for so many things. She is in service club (once a month), art club (once a month), GS (twice a month), Drama club (once a week), Shake and Make (twice a week), and appointments for everything right now. 
  • Ella has been diagnosed with a permanent moderate hearing lose. We meet with more doctors in the coming weeks to see what this really entails and what our next steps are. 
  • Anna is in a phase where she only wants mom. She doesn't want dad, is moody with Grandpa, will go to Memaw if mom isn't there. 
Anything new and exciting going on with you?

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