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 Hey loves. One of my goals for this year is to be more intentional and spend quality time with my kids. Sometimes this is easier said than done especially when my kids range from 3 to 11. Finding activities that they all agree on and/or fit their age ranges can be hard. We have been playing more games as a family. We have a shelf in basement with so many games, some have never been opened or played, some the kids have gotten a hold of and pieces are missing. We have been going through them, getting rid of ones that have been destroyed or to many missing pieces, and having fun with it. 

Here are some of our current favorites. First little disclaimer: with a 3 year old she is not always playing with us, or plays by her own rules or part of a team. Don't get discouraged when things don't always go as planned. Games are meant to be fun and enjoying the company you are with. 

Disney Hedbanz- Each player wears a Mickey Mouse Headband with a character card. Player guesses card on their own head by asking questions while other players answer and can give clues. 

Uno Attack- Classic own with a fun twist of shooting cards making your take more. My kids are loving the attack part of the game. We also have original Uno, and Uno Jurassic World

Yahtzee- Shake, roll, and score. We also have this one that Anna loves and understands. 

Disney Princess Guess Who- Anna loves playing, but not by the rules. (recommended age is 5, she is only 3) Ella and Austin prefer this version

Disney Edition Apples to Apples- We are a Disney family and I grab any game Disney edition. The kids even played with their aunts and uncles a few weeks ago. The original version is just as fun too. 

What are your favorite family board games?

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  1. I feel you on the age range. We range from 4-10, so it can be tricky. We love Skip-bo and yamslam (the four year old plays on a team with an adult). And I had no idea there was a Disney version of Apples to Apples!! I will have to check that out.

    1. We have skip-bo but have never played it. I always forget about it. I am going to have to check out yamslam

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  3. My daughter loves Uno, and she would love that Uno attack version!

  4. My boys used to love Disney Apples to Apples!


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