January Current Intentions

 Hey loves. Happy 2023. How is your new year so far? My first few days have been productive. Which means a lot of cleaning and getting my life and house back in order. My kids went back to school today so we are getting back into our routines. 

After taking a look back at the previous intentions for each month, I am switching it up. Instead of a long overwhelming list that I get discouraged when I don't get to check things off because I didn't complete them. Instead I am going to do a simple list each month.

But first linking up with Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness for currently.

loving - spending time with Brian's family that is visiting from Seattle. They got here after Christmas when we all had Covid but the last few days we are all negative and able to hangout. 

organizing - Kids toys. My kids got new toys for Christmas. I am in the process of finding places for them, and making some disappear. 

resolving - Kids fights, glad they got back to school today.

eating - I was eating all the cookies, candy, chocolate and crap and feeling like garbage. Now onto eating the veggies and foods that don't make me feel like crap.

anticipating - Last night my father-in law was moved to hospice after a long week of being in the hospital. I am anticipating a long few days as things get rough with more siblings flying in from out of state and the reality of what is happening. He is 90 years old, got sick, refusing food, treatment, iv, monitoring etc. He is mentally done. Prayers for all the siblings and his wife during this time would be appreciated. 

In January I Want To:

  • Dry January
  • No Spend January (besides essentials) 
  • Read/Listen to bible recap everyday
  • Start reading Sure as the Sunrise devo on January 9th with book club
  • Plan vacation for 2023
  • Workout 5 days a week
  • Add more veggies and limit sugar 
  • Plan blog content for q1
  • Organize Anna's toys
  • Get into the habit of drinking 80 oz of water
What in one of your January 2023 goals?

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  1. Adrienne, I am so sorry to hear about your father in law being in hospice. I know you'll have some difficult and long days ahead. I'll be praying for your family as you go through this time together.

    On a lighter note...your resolving one made me smile. I totally feel that and remember those days! Thank you for linking up with us today!

  2. That's a great idea to write a monthly list of intentions. I am so sorry to hear about your father in law. I will be praying for him and your family.
    Ruth@playworkeatrepeat (not anonymous but my comment doesn't get through when I add my name and URL)

  3. The never-ending toy thing, I get it! I try to donate / get rid of stuff before my daughter goes on Christmas break. I got rid of a few things this year. Sorry to hear about your FIL, will add him to my prayer list.

    1. toys are never ending and grandparents always feel like they have to buy so much too. thank you

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. That's really hard. I will pray for your family during this next while as you walk this journey with him.


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