Lets Look Organizing a Busy Family

 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. It has been another crazy week. I am ready for a vacation and a day to just sit home and relax, maybe that will fit on the schedule next week. Life and three kids going in different directions. Yesterday I joked that I had taxi written on my forehead with driving around. I was either at my computer doing hours for my cosmetology license or driving for the girls somewhere. I know it is just going to get worse. 

This going along with todays topic for Let's Look with Erika and Shay. Today we are looking at how we schedule/organize a busy family. I am sharing what I currently do as a mom of three with my kids ages 3, 7, and 11. I know this is going to change a lot when they get older and are doing more activities. 


My biggest tip that helps Brian and I is writing everything down. Now I do this is three different places, yes that maybe a little much but you will see. 

Brian and I share a calendar with all the schedules on it. We just use google calendar. This is the main calendar for everything kids related and some of our schedules too. I have it color coded for each person. I make sure to have all the kids events on there, especially if Brian has to pick them up as it interferes with bus drop off. Any appointments, when Ella goes to her dads etc. Brian will also include his important meetings and showing to make sure I/the kids don't have anything going on at the same time. 

I prefer to add items while on the computer over the phone. I think it is easier to change times and colors that way. The one negative is if Brian add an event from an email he gets, say he has a meeting invite in his email, it won't show up on my calendar. 

I am a pen to paper girl. I love my Happy Planner and it stores my world with the calendars, and to do lists. I am a visual person and this helps me a lot. I look at the calendar when I am planning out my week and when I am planning out my day. Compared to the digital calendar that we put down everything that is set in stone. I will pencil in ideas of things to do on my paper planner, such as play dates, zoo trips, etc. I do this a lot more in the summer when stuff is going on. 

The third and final calendar we have is a dry erase board in the kitchen. This is where the kids can see what is on the calendar and what they have going on. Ella references it a lot with her after school activities and when she goes to her dads. I see this calendar being even more vital for the kids once they are all in more activities. (this is an old picture because I have not done this months calendar and it still needs to get done.)


Before the kids sign up for any events we discuss if we can make it work with our schedules. We are very fortunate that Brian has a flex schedule but that also means at times he is working from home. Brian usually does the after school activities pick ups. I do the pick up and drop off of Anna's school this year based on her hours. Austin is currently in basketball and Brian in the coach so he does that with him. Dr appointments I always take the girls, Brian takes Austin. (this is just the way it worked out during Covid and having a baby and we have stuck to it) If it is a major appointment like Austin's surgery's I will also try to go or they will facetime call me. 

When we need to we do get help from the grandparents. My parents and Brian's mom will watch the kids at their house or come to our house and watch the kids if we need them to. 

Every morning Brian and I while eating breakfast we go over the plans for the day. Discuss his work, if/what activities the kids have that day and whatever I have planned. This has helped with making sure one of us doesn't assume the other saw the calendar and didn't realize they were needed for something. 

Use Your Resources

Our school offers a very affordable after school program where the kids can stay after school for a very minimum charge. Ella will be taking advantage of this two days a week starting soon when she is doing an cooking class. She has been wanting to do a cooking class pre-covid and her school is offering one but the times didn't 100% work for us with getting one kid off the bus than driving the other to the class and not having Brian cut his work days short every day for this. 

Meal Planning

When I make the weekly dinner schedule I plan simple meals on the evenings that are busy. If during the day is busy I try to do a crockpot meal. I have shared 124 different meal plans and hundreds of different recipes to help make life easier. No one wants to be a slave in the kitchen or getting hangry during the witching hours. 

Right now we try to eat dinner together as a family, as it is the only meal we are all home for together. We usually eat around 5.  I know this is not going to stay this way especially on Monday's when the kids have multiple activities going on. I don't like the idea of everyone eating dinner at 7pm, between so close to bedtime and getting hangry, I will be coming up with dinners that will be easily reheated. 

Say No

Sometimes we know we are going to have to say no. Weather it be to an activity that we just can't make the times work, a play date that doesn't work with out schedule, etc. 

Cleaning Schedule

I have a basic cleaning schedule of what cleaning gets done on certain days and things I make sure I get done each month. This has helped with not being overwhelmed with everything that needs done. Now that my kids are getting older they are also helping and they all help clean up toys.

Plan Ahead

The night before I try to have as much organized and ready to go to make a less rushed morning. Each week I pick out Austin's closes they are separated in his closet so he can grab himself and get dressed. Every month we sit down with the lunch menu and the kids pick out when they want to buy (which is not very often). I make lunches the night before, if they are taking something hot like mac and cheese I make sure it is sitting out as a reminder for the morning. When Ella goes to her dads she takes her clothes with her for the next day this has made our mornings quicker with pick up. 

Having Routines

From morning, to after school to night. This has helped to not forget things for school, papers signed homework done and gone through after school, and stopped the million I need to go to the bathroom, get a drink, we forgot to read... when trying to get the kids to bed. 

What is your number one tip for organizing a busy family?

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  1. I am a paper and pen girl all the way! But I think that I should investigate the online calendars and apps because they would come in handy as my husband works night shifts and I work day shifts. Some days the only way we keep in touch is by texting!


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