Our Week trying to get back in the swing

 Hey loves. Still over here trying to get into a good normal routine. Last week we still had some family in town, some fun, and another passing... 

Monday January 9th

After over a week of no working out it felt great to get back downstairs and get it done. It may not have been first thing in the morning but it still got done. With everything going on I need this for me. 

Brian and Austin had basketball practice then we headed to my mother in laws for dinner and saying bye to one of Brian's sisters before she headed back home. 

It is not very often that Ella is getting love from Anna, even though Anna loves her a lot. 

Then she turned into a brat and stole her glasses. Anna says she wants her own glasses, even though she doesn't need them. 

Tuesday January 10th

After eating breakfast Anna and Ella got a little cuddling before it was time for Ella to go to school. Lately Anna hasn't been awake when it is time for Ella to go to school so this was a treat. 

A light breakfast before a crazy day. coconut yogurt, berries, banana, granola and a drizzle of honey. 

We are getting ready to go to my parents. Anna was ready to go and grabbed her diaper bag that is bigger than her and heavy. 

I was ready for my drive there and back with my water and shake. It is about an hour round trip. 

Nothing like waiting for the last minute-sorta to get all my continuing education hours for my cosmetology license. My parents watched Anna so I could sit on my laptop at home in piece and quiet and get the 4 hours done I needed.

Before picking her up from my parents I got a quick workout done. I needed to move my body after sitting in front of the screen for so long. 

Ella had Girl Scouts in the evening and Brian's sister stayed the night instead of staying at the hotel by herself. 

Wednesday January 11th

A crazy day with two photos. Brian's sister stayed the night and slept in Anna's room, so Anna slept in our bed making it a rough sleeping night for us. (even though she always ends up in our bed it seems like). We tried to keep the kids quiet before school as to not wake her up. (which they did good with). Anna and I did leave a little earlier for preschool as she was getting loud and stopped at the library to drop off a book. 

While Anna was at school I went to Trader Joes. They have this new pizza sprinkle seasoning blend that I can't wait to try. They also had a ketchup seasoning that just sounds weird.

After Trader Joes I swung by Fresh Thyme, they had bacon on sale for $3.99 a lb and a good deal on salmon to. Then I went and had my monthly eyebrow appointment. I had a little time left before having to get Anna from school so I sat in a parking lot and read for a little bit. It didn't make sense to go home then have to turn around and go back out. 

After getting Anna we went home and spent the next few hours hanging out with Brian's sister before she left to head back to Seattle. 

After she left I started cleaning. I removed everything from the pantry, purged anything expired or we don't eat, and reorganized. This is the before picture. I also did the same thing to the fridge. Between the two areas I got 3 large bags full. What shocks me is I found stuff expired in 2019, why did we move with it last year? 

Thursday January 12th

After a few crazy weeks with so much going on and people in and out of the house, Anna and I had a relaxing day at home doing nothing. Well besides playing, cuddling, and reading. 

Look at her face of thought. She is getting so good at playing Looney Toons Dominoes we are going to have to buy the regular version and see how she does. 

I made a big pot of veggie cabbage soup and let it simmer all day on the stove. It smelled and tasted so good, even Anna ate it. Ella and Austin not so much they had grilled cheese. 

Friday January 13th

I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature this year. Our weather forecast called for 3 to 5 inches of snow overnight with a 50% chance of no school. That is all the snow we got. There was none on the driveways or streets. 

After all the kids were off to school I headed home for a quick workout before having to pick Ella up from school early for a doctors appointment. 

Ella had an appointment with a ENT as a referral for not passing her hearing test at school and at the doctors office. This doctor looked in her ears, cleaned out some wax then scheduled her with an audiologist for that afternoon. Never told us anything else but come back later. We were not happy with this visit period.
We went back later that afternoon for a hearing test with an audiologist. She was really nice does the test. After giving us the results says that Ella needs to specifically see a pediatric audiologist and have another hearing test done. Having more than one is always done with kids but a pediatric audiologist would have different equipment geared towards kids. I was unaware until this point that who ever did all the appointment scheduling did not listen to all the notes that said she had to see pediatrics. It was a long stressful day. We ended up making an appointment for the following Monday to see an pediatric audiologist. (it has been determined she does have moderate permanent hearing loss and we have a whole bunch more specialist appointments scheduled in the next few months.) 

Saturday January 14th

Saturday morning cuddles on the couch while I read and she watched Mickey Mouse. 

The look on their faces as they watch Paw Patrol 

Brian and Austin went to basketball. Then Brian had a house showing for work. 

While they were gone Anna and I got our workout done. 

Then we headed to the Cleveland Boat Show. We have no intentions of buying a boat, it was something to do and a show we had never been to before. If you have never been to a boat show, wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. For 90% of the boats you were not allowed to wear your shoes on the boat. 

This blue one was our favorite at only $109,000 

This boat was cool, it had an inside with sleeping and a bathroom. Anna is laying in a bed that is hard to tell but only about two feet high. I can't imagine sleeping in there. This boat cost around $500,000 

After the boat show we had to stop and watch airplanes land and take off since we were right next door anyways. 

We surprised the kids by going out to El Rodeo for dinner. Austin has become a huge fan of queso and salsa. 

It wasn't planned so we didn't have anything to keep the kids entertained but they both did so good. 

We tried fried ice cream for the first time. I was not a fan. 

Sunday January 15th 

Sunday morning means lots of playing. 

It somewhat was a lazy day, but still getting things ready for the week ahead and I deep cleaning our upstairs freezer. 
In the afternoon Brian got the call that his work mentor, work dad, close friend that he went out to lunch with every other week, was driving to dialysis once a week had passed away. Not the news we were expecting to hear. Brian decided he wanted to stop by and see the guys wife, give his condolences and drop off dinner. What was suppose to be a 20 minute if that visit turned into over two hours. Thankfully Brian's mom and aunt had graciously offered to watch Anna and Austin and kept them entertained. It was much needed for Brian and his friends wife to sit down and talk and share stores.

Not how I wanted or expected to end another week. 

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