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Monday January 16

Monday morning, no school, a little bit of snow, and looking out the window with binoculars upside down and backwards. She was looking for deer. I was watching an excavator being loaded on a truck behind out house. 

Ella had another appointment to get a hearing test. My sister came to my house to watch my kids and her daughter and Austin played together well the whole time. (that is a huge deal). Ella did great with listening for her hearing test again. It was determined that she does have moderate permanent hearing loss in her left ear. Next is going to a pediatric ENT in February (as the one she saw before was not a pediatric dr. From my understanding the plan is to do tests to see if they can determine what caused the hearing loss. She goes back for another hearing test in 3 months to make sure she is not losing more hearing. They also discussed a group of doctors that would work with the school and what/if she needs any help and possible genetic testing. 

I found another meal that the whole family liked, creamy chicken primavera. We had an early dinner as Austin and Brian had basketball practice then it was bedtime and showers before back to school. 

Tuesday January 17

A morning with no plans. the two oldest back in school, calls for cuddles

After getting some work done on my laptop it became game time. Anna loved playing games. First up was Disney matching game. She is getting better at this. 

Then we played Yahtzee Jr. Anna knows how to play by the rules but likes to make her own rules. (she is like her mother)

Last we played Guess Who Disney edition. No she doesn't understand this game. She really just names the characters and closes the doors. 

My go to lunch last week, veggie cabbage soup and a basic salad with mixed greens, a little cheese and Olive garden Italian dressing. 

After dinner, which was shrimp tacos and quesadilla's, Brian had a few phone calls to make and Austin wanted to show me his new Star Wars game he got for the Xbox. Anna and Ella followed up downstairs and they did a little workout together. 

Then we headed off to Costco. Yes I am nuts for taking 3 kids to Costco. It actually was kinda slow and they were out of a lot of what we went for. 

Wednesday January 18

I took Ella to the bus stop and come home to a fort in my living room. Bright and early. 

All the kids had school. 

While Anna was in school I rearranged the basement so we could get some work done. I have decided I am moving. To the left is a normal size hair tie. To the left is a dead spider, that was about the size of a quarter as it is dead and curled up. That also means that it was once alive and bigger than that. 

After organizing I got in a quick workout before I headed to pick up Anna. 

My friend who also has a daughter in Anna's class talked me into taking Anna to open gym at a local gymnastics place. She had so much for running around for a little over an hour. 

Anna's favorite thing was this foam pit. There was a little slide to go down or you could just jump in. Anna wanted to take a nap in the foam pit and kept losing her socks in there. 

Anna almost fell asleep on the way home. We got home and she had a temper tantrum for a good half hour before she curled up with me and took a much needed nap. 

Before bed she helped me fill the humidifiers. 

Thursday January 19

The older two were off to school, Anna asked if I would color with her. 

We had a relaxing day and I had no idea what we did until the kids got home from school. 

After school it was in the 50s outside. The kids played outside until Ella went to her dads. Anna did some chalking with a cup of water to make the colors more vibrant and get her all wet, her sister was to blame for this. 

Ella found a baton and was throwing it in the air. 

Austin practice some basketball skills. 

Anna also tried golfing with a baseball. I think she is a little confused. 

After Ella left for her dad's we took advantage of the weather and went for a family walk. Most of the walk Anna was in the stroller, Austin was up ahead on his scooter. We made it home before it started to rain and we got severe thunderstorms. 

Friday January 20

Ella and Austin had off school. Anna still had school. We dropped Anna off, checked out a thrift store then headed to the library. The kids picked out a few books then spent the rest of the time playing on the library computers. 

I had brought my laptop along to the library to get some blog work done while we were there too. 
We were not at the house because we were getting a new hot water tank, and a gas stove installed. With that the heat would be turned off part of the day and it is easier to get work done when there isn't three kids running around the house. 

After we picked Anna up from school we went to my parents house to hang out. Ella found my nieces hover board and was riding it up and down the hallway, even with Anna in her arms. 

Austin even got a shot riding it an did very well. I rode it before we left and ended up falling and hitting a table, we will not be having one in our house. 

After we got home Anna and Ella did a little coloring while we had a movie night. 

Can you guess the movie? Its a classic and my kids all said they didn't want to watch it, then their eyes were glued to it. When it was over they asked to watch the second one and we said another night as it was already late. (Mighty Ducks)

Saturday January 21

Saturday was a rough day. That morning we attended the funeral for Brian's work dad/mentor. We are thankful for Brian's brother who took Austin to his basketball practice, two parents that stepped up to coach for the day, and Brian's sister in law for watching the girls while we attended the funeral.

Afterwards we came home and just relaxed for a few hours. The plan was for a Ella and Austin to have a sleepover at Grandma's, (Ella's first sleepover at Grandma's) then Anna to stay at my parents house. It did not go well. We dropped off Ella and Austin at grandma's while Anna was asleep in the car. We then drove to my parents to drop off Anna. She woke up before we left my parents and throw a huge temper tantrum, tried running away, hitting, screaming, crying etc, that she wanted Grandma and Ella and not Memaw (which is my mom). After her screaming for 15-20 minutes we opted just to take her home. She cried a good 10 minutes on the way home. Once we got home she was just ultra cuddly and whiny. 

While the kids were at their sleepovers we were suppose to have a date night. 

Instead we cuddled on the couch with Anna watched some comedy on Netflix and fell asleep on the couch. I say Anna was the unplanned distraction that Brian needed. 

Sunday January 22

Sunday morning Anna got to join us for breakfast out. She did so good at the restaurant. 

She even asked her dad to draw an airplane, and boy did he deliver. 

We got snow. I didn't even know it was suppose to snow. 

It was so peaceful looking out the window watching the snow, then we saw 8 deer, 6 females and 2 males. 

Anna joined me outside to shovel snow before we went to Grandma's house for a late Christmas and dinner. I told her don't go in the snow just shovel it as she wasn't dressed to play in the snow. 

It started off as her throwing snowballs at me. 

That eventually turned into her making snow angels in the neighbors yard. 

When I was finished shoveling the driveway we headed over to Grandma's to celebrate Christmas and have delicious lasagna dinner. 

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