Asking for Your Help

 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How is your week going so far? Yes I know it is only Tuesday but over here it feels like Thursday. Yesterday Anna was a wonderful bundle of joy after preschool. She just wanted to cuddle and wouldn't let me get anything done. She ended up taking a nap but fell asleep right before Austin came home from school then it was homework time, clean the kitchen, and starting prepping for dinner. Some days we thrive other days we just survive. 

One item on my to do list is to plan my blog calendar for the next couple of months. (if you are a blogger and you don't plan and work on your posts advance it can be extremely stressful trying to get a post up every day, or at least it is for me). I am usually really good about having my posts or the majority of my post ready a few days in advance then the tweak the day before. Today was not that case. I had nothing on my calendar.

 With that being said what types of posts do you like the most? (recipes, day in life, our week, favorite products, fitness, wellness, make-up, mom life, travel, local adventures, ...) What do you want me to share more about? Share less about? Any specific topic ideas? What are your favorite posts that other bloggers have shared? 
Comment on this post with any and all ideas. 

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