Costco Haul

 Hey loves. Who else shops at Costco? We have been Costco members for a few years and love it. We tried BJ's and their deals and selection wasn't as good. (Sam's is an extra 20 minutes further drive) Costco has been our go to on a lot of items. I made a trip out there last week and here's what I bought. 

Kirkland brand Sparkling Water. Brian drinks at least one can of sparkling water a day. 

Assorted bags of chips, these are for the kids and Brian will grab one occasionally. 

I am on a baking kick, and making sourdough. The flour I had been buying I think is "dead" as it hasn't been rising with my starter. I heard good things about this organic flour. 

My favorite coffee from Lake Erie Coffee Company which is local to us but cheaper to buy at Costco. 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. There are two bags in this box. It was on sale for less than $6, a box at the grocery store is over $4. 

Brian and I take adult vitamins every day. 

Costco use to have chicken nuggets in a green bag that was Kirkland brand that was very comparable to Chic Fil A Nuggets and we loved them. The last few times we have went to Costco they didn't have them. This is what they had last time as a replacement. They are good, but not as good as the old ones. 

Brian, Austin, and myself talk elderberry everyday. 

The kids take vitamins everyday too. 

This sweet and salty kettle corn was on sale for less than $4 for this huge bag. It is so good and addicting. I should have bought more than one bag. 

When my kids aren't snacking on Goldfish they are snacking on Pirated Booty. You can't beat the price.

Do you shop at Costco? What are your go-to items?

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