Four Things

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? It has been a little while since I shared a little big about each of us. We have had so much going on I just wanted to share ...


  • Anna loves preschool and asks to go everyday, even though she only goes 3 days a week. She is signed up for next year already, same school only 3 days because that's the most they offer, but instead of morning classes like she is in now it will be in the afternoon. This gives us the option to do other things before school. 
  • Anna is loving sleepovers at Memaw's house as long as one of her siblings are there. We made the mistake of trying the two older kids at Grandma's and Anna with Memaw and she threw a temper tantrum so we took her back home. 
  • Once a week Grandma has been watching Anna and my niece Lo. The girls are a year apart and they are becoming the best of friends. It is so adorable they share and ask for each other. 


  • Austin is enjoying basketball this season. He is excited to go to practice and games. Does well during practice, and tries during the games. He is one of the smallest kids but still gives it his all. 
  • Austin had his last kidney ultrasound and follow up appointment with his Urologist. Everything looks good and is working properly from his surgery a few years ago. As long as he doesn't has an changes that we notice (uti's, high fevers with symptoms, problems urinating, etc) we don't have to go back. 
  • Last week when it was in the 60s we went to the local playground. Austin had so much fun playing and running around with kids his age (and boys). I am excited for this summer and Austin having kids to play with. 

  • Ella is loving all her after school clubs she has joined. She is enjoying her shake and make class (not real cooking or baking without a stove or oven). Drama club just started and this maybe her calling.
  • Ella has recently been diagnosed with moderate permanent hearing loss in her left ear. This is still new to us as we still have appointments and tests in the future. Potentially she could be getting a hearing aid. As her mom I will do what I have to for whatever is best for her. 
  • Ella got a phone for Christmas. I have to approve all apps, she has time limits, and limitations on what she can do. It has been nice to be able to contact her, know where she is at, and she has been very mature about this. 
Brian and Me

  • Brian's work has really picked up compared to the last few months of it being slow. We had gotten use to Brian being home every night for dinner and bedtimes. 
  • Even with Brian working a lot more we have gotten in the habit of date nights every other week it seems like
  • I am enjoying making time for me. Waking up at 430, connecting with God, reading devotionals, getting a workout done all before anyone else wakes up. I am feeling more energized and feeling like "me" again. 
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  1. Kids sleeping over at grandparents is the best! Yay for everything looking good with Austin! I have a somewhat significant hearing loss. I was diagnosed with it in Kindergarten, but it didn't get worse until later. I do have hearing aides which help for sure (but unfortunately they are broken, and no longer under warranty). Good luck with anything that you do!

    1. Grandparents sleepovers are the best. I have learned so many people have some sort of hearing loss since I shared about Ella. We have a long road ahead.


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