Loving Lately

 Hey loves.  I share all the time products I am loving. Today I am sharing not tangible things.

  • Purging- little by little I am getting rid of stuff we don't use, need or want, getting rid of the clutter. Now that we can start storing stuff in the basement storage area and being organized I can really see what we have and what we use and get rid of the rest.
  • Spring Weather- Last week we had weird temps in the 50s and 60s. I am loving the fresh air, getting outside, and really looking forward to spring.
  • Morning Routine- I am finally getting into a good morning routine aka me time before anyone else wakes up. Those days that I get up early get my mindset right, workout done, etc I have more energy and in a better mood.
  • Skincare routine- I started a 60 day skin care challenge. It is a 4 step routine that you do twice a day and I am loving the changes I am seeing already. I was doing something similar with different products from different product lines but wasn't happy with it. My face already feels smoother and cleaner. If your interested in more about it I can share more of what I am doing and the products.
  • Listening to the Bible and Bible Recap- I joined Shay from Mix and Match Mama with reading the bible in a year. I am listening to the bible verses using the Bible app, then going to the Bible Recap Podcast where it is explained a little differently. 
  • Cuddle Time with Anna- I know one day she won't want to cuddle her mama anymore. I am going to take it as long as I can get it.
  • Morning drives and walks with Ella- Ella and I have that one on one time when I pick her up from her dads and every morning that I wake her to school. That little time we get alone is somethings when she opens up more than any other time.
  • Homework time with Austin- Every day after school I work with Austin on his homework, flash cards, and/or reading. I love seeing her work towards his goals and watching him progress. 
  • Flavored water- ok yes this is a product but I am on a roll hitting my water goals and I contribute a big factor with mixing it up. Half my goal of water I add a little packet of True lime flavor or a fresh lemon 
  • Conversations with friends- a girlfriend came over last week with her girls. We sat and talked while the girls all played. 
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  1. I have also been enjoying flavored water. Way to go on the Bible in a year...I'm doing the recap plan this year too.

    1. Flavored water is a great switch up. What are you flavoring your water with?


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