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 Hey loves. It's Wednesday. The week is almost over, at least that's what I keep telling myself. Tomorrow is a new day and we will start it off better than today. Even though we have technically only had two days it has been a hard week. Motherhood is hard. Plans have gotten changed, hearts have been broken, things haven't gotten done (like yesterday's blog post), but we are rolling with it. Because that is real life motherhood. As a mom of 3, my kids come first (before blog world, social media, etc.) Just know you are not alone in your motherhood journey. They say it takes a village to raise a family and it is so true. 

Who doesn't love Amazon? I feel like they are back to the 2 day delivery or less compared to around the holidays it was longer, which is totally expected with more people buying online and less people shopping in stores. Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay  for Let's Look All Time Favorite Amazon Finds. 

Over the years there has been so many things I have bought on Amazon, from my kids love to Goldfish to packing cubes and everything in between. I have picked 10 of the most used and/or frequently rebought items. 

  1. Kindle paperwhite- I read on my kindle everyday, numerous times a day. I love a physical book but I have learned in motherhood, and everyday life it is easier to read on my kindle. This has also saved me money with Kindle unlimited and cheaper books. I always have at least 5 books downloaded on my kindle. 
  2. Echo Dot, Kids Dot, Echo Show and Nightlight- If you can't tell we are an Alexa family. There is some sort of dot in most rooms in the house. We use them for music, sound machines, homework help, games, intercoms, the kids can call my phone from it, delivery updates and so much more 
  3. Mascara- Cheap, long lasting, and great results. 
  4. Meat Thermometer- Brian does use this more often than I do. From grilling to cooking meat in the house no more overcooked steak or undercooked chicken.
  5. Diffuser- each bedroom has a diffuser that we use every night. 
  6. Sound Machine- Anna still uses this sound machine with night light. We also take this on vacation with us. 
  7. Picture Frame- This was the best present we gave to Brian's parents. All 7 siblings that are spread all over the United States have the code to add pictures of the grandkids. 
  8. Bag Holder- No more messes dumping leftover food in a bag to put in the freezer.
  9. Hair Dryer- this has been a game changer for when I straighten my hair. I let it air dry, then use this dryer to straighten at the same time. My hair is really curly and I still do a touch up with a straight iron. When I am doing Ella's hair which is just wavy I don't have to use the iron. 
  10. Oil Mister- I no longer buy cooking spray. Instead I uses this Oil Mister with EVOO. 

What is one of your All Time Favorite Amazon Purchases?

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