Coffee Chat

 Hey loves. I am still in need of a girlfriends coffee date. This winter it seems like someone is  always sick in my little friends group. What is your drink of choice? Right now I have been drinking coffee at home and either having hot black or iced coffee with a little skinny mocha syrup and coconut milk. 

- I am loving my adventure in sourdough. I have made artisan bread a few times, bagels twice, and sandwich bread. I also did an artisan bread with raspberry and cream cheese. There is so many possibilities. Last night I started dough for English muffins and hot dogs. 

- Our vacation to Disney has been booked. We are going the beginning of June instead of the middle of August due to our time share availability. Now just to decide if we are doing all the parks, and what character meal we want to do. If you have been to Disney World what is your families favorite character meal?

- Brian started to re-model what will be our dining room and currently toy room. I am loving the paint so far, he isn't 100% sold on it. We are also adding a chair rail and some character to the room. It is the first room in the house that isn't boring and neutral. We eventually will also be replacing the carpet with hardwood floors throughout most of the main floor, minus the kitchen. I can't wait to share once it is done. 

- I am on week 3 of a 4 week program that is only 20 minutes a day. It has been so helpful in getting me back into a consistent workout routine. 

- Speaking of workouts. Starting April 3rd is an all new 21 Day Fix. 21DF was my first complete program that I have done multiple times (just not recently). I am excited for 21 brand new workouts, no repeats, and only 30 minutes a day. Want to do it with me? 

- Easter is right around the corner. We haven't decorated yet. I usually have some sort of themed Easter basket planned, this year I do not. I think it is just going to be random items, 

- I just finished listening to Live Wire by Kelly Ripa. She narrators the book and her husband gives his two cents when he doesn't agree with a statement. I enjoyed seeing their personalities. 

- I have the itch to start Spring cleaning, but at the same time it is still cold and snowy out, and with the house projects going on there is dust everyone that will be back the next day. (I know more of the reason to clean) 

- I have seen all over social media kids making Leprechaun traps. My kids have never made one. I don't know if they have made one in school as a group, but they have never asked to make one or anything and I am ok with that.

- I have started going through my clothes and the kids clothes of what fits and doesn't and what we need to buy for this summer and vacation. The shirts that I don't want/dont fit now are fitting Ella just a little big. I didn't expect her to be stealing my closes at age 11. 

Anything new and exciting going on with you?

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  1. Coffee dates with girlfriends are the best! Hope you get one booked soon :) I liked Live Wire but I bet I would enjoy it more listening especially if "hottie Consuelos" chimes in ;)

  2. June will be so much better at Disney - not quite as hot. I had never heard of leprechaun traps either, until this year on social media. Have a wonderful week!

  3. We have 2 favorite character meals-- Chef Mickey at the Contemporary and breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at the Polynesian because for both of those the characters were fun and the food was delicious. When the kids were really little we also enjoyed breakfast with Pooh and friends at the Crystal palace. I just mentioned to my boys that need to go through their clothes and tell me what they need for spring and summer too.


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