Our Week everything went wrong

 Hey loves. Lets take a look back at last week. The week it felt like everything went wrong. 

Monday March 27

Up early to get things done before a crazy day ahead. 

Got a good workout in before I had to leave and pick up Ella in Brian's truck. Why am I driving the truck? On Saturday evening when we moved the van into the garage we noticed my exhaust was blue and it really stunk like it was burning oil. Playing it safe I just drove the truck. 

The morning was a little hectic even though Ella and Austin had off school. I took Anna to preschool. Came home then Brian and I dropped my van off at the repair place. Came home and got ready to pick up Anna and go to my parents to pick up my moms car. Ella and Austin insisted on going into school to see Anna and see their old teachers. 

We are all loaded in the truck off to Memaws. Not only are we borrowing her car, the kids are also all taking baths/showers. The thermostat on our hot water tank stopped working. Yes the hot water tank we had installed about 2 months ago. 

While at my parents Anna was as cute as a button. She played on the keyboard and was singing twinkle twinkle little star. 

She also did my moms hair, and soaked her shirt too. She put the towel over her head to dry the hair and said "oh perfect" 

On the way home we were driving my moms car that has a moon roof across the whole top. I told Anna to look for airplanes. It was cloudy and we didn't see any planes but they did see two vultures flying around that ended up landing a the church bell tower. 

Tuesday March 28

Anna went to my parents house for a playdate and for me to get some things done around the house. I ended up deep purging/organizing Austin's room looking for his lost remote, of which I still have not found. 

We got my van back and they didn't see the blue smoke or burning oil so they don't know where it came from or what to fix. (It hasn't done it sense still) Brian worked all day then had a baseball coach meeting. Leaving me to put the kids to bed by myself. While I was doing the before bed routine for filling diffusers and humidifiers and closing blinds. Anna decided to find a purple pen and tattoo herself everywhere. From her face to her toes, arms, legs, back. Thankfully it all wiped off with baby wipes. 

Wednesday March 29

Kids are all at school. I tried the sample workout for the new 21 day fix program that is being released in April. 

35 minute sample and burned 200 calories, I will take it. 

After preschool Anna and I meet some friends at the open gym gymnastics studio. 

Anna loves going there. Afterwards she took a wonderful nap. 

It was another night Brian was working, but thankfully he was home after dinner. The kids and I picked up Ella from her cooking class, came home made dinner, then we read a bunch of books. 

Thursday March 30

After the older kids went to school Anna and I colored some and I did some business work. 

When you have bananas going bad you make bread. Or this time we made muffins with the crumble on top, they turned out so good. 

Ella had a dentist appointment to get a tooth pulled. She did awesome, it was still a baby tooth but the other tooth was growing behind it and not pushing it down and it was chipped and causing her some issues, it just needed to go. I grabbed her from school early to be able to feed her lunch first. She wanted Subway. When did a 6inch sub become $6.75? She ate in the car. We had time to spare and she had to go to the bathroom so we stopped at Dunkin. I got a delicious caramel, mocha, cold brew with chocolate cold form. 

While we were at the dentist I got a text from one of Ella's good friends dad. They were having a sleepover birthday party for his daughter this Saturday. He didn't realize that I never received his original text with the invite until his daughter and Ella were talking and Ella knew nothing about the party. He asked if Ella could still come on such short notice. I asked Ella what she wanted to do because she already had a sleepover planned with her cousin for Saturday night also. We ended up switching things around so she could still do both. 

At 730pm we finally got our hot water tank fixed. It was an adventure it get the guy out here. The tech drove over two hours to get here then he was hopping on a plane back to Wisconsin. I am thankful to be able to take a shower again. 

Friday March 31

I slept in and didn't get my workout done before the school chaos. I made my prework workout and electrolytes to drink while I was taking Anna to school No excuses to not workout.

I came home and pressed play. I did the sample workout for the new 21 day fix super block again. 

After the kids all got out of school, we headed to my parents. I needed to return their car that I borrowed at the beginning of the week and drop of Ella for her sleepover with her cousin. Unfortunately my mom was in the hospital with a migraine that wouldn't go away. My niece was at day care because my parents couldn't pick her up from school and my sister was at work. I surprised my niece and picked her up from school and took her to my parents. This was discussed and approved by her mom and the day care. 

Austin just making himself at home while waiting for my sister to get off work. He even turned on the tv and turned on Star Wars. 

Anna also brought out a bunch of toys to play with. We were only there about a half an hour then my sister came home from work to pick up her daughter and Ella for their sleepover. 

Friday night is local take out. We have been doing fish fry's for lent, but I knew my kids would not eat anything so we decided on Mexican instead. 

It wasn't planned to go out to dinner (at least I wasn't planning it) and I didn't grab the kids their drawing tablets or paper or anything. They ended up being pretty good. Austin just ate the whole queso dip. Anna did end up with my phone for a little bit. 

They can be cute. 

Saturday April 1

Happy Aprils Fools day and a day that no where went as planned. Brain left early for a work breakfast and final house walk thru. He was suppose to pick up Ella from her sleepover and be home by 10:30 for me to go to a PTA kids clothes sale. Then we were suppose to go to a local event with balloon animals and finger paints and booths for spring. Followed by taking Ella shopping for her friends birthday party. Brian had a guys night for the Cleveland Monsters game, then Ella was suppose to have her birthday party sleepover at a friends. 

The morning ended up being gorgeous. Anna and Austin got outside to play with the neighbor kids for a little while before lunch. 

Brian didn't get home until after 1130, had taken Ella to the store. There wasn't time for me to go to the kids clothes sale as it ended at noon. Then he didn't want to go to the spring event and had scheduled another showing. 
Ella's sleepover turned into just being there until 10, that turned into 11. 
I ended up not doing anything all day but laundry, cleaning, and playing with my kids. Not who I wanted or expected the day to go. 

Sunday April 2

Sunday morning cuddles. We all slept in until atleast 7. Wait I take that bake. Austin was up earlier but he just goes downstairs and watches tv and doesn't want anyone else up usually. 

While breakfast was poofing, Anna and I did some coloring. 

I made more sourdough bagels. 

Austin came over to me after lunch with blood all over his face. He was trying to pull his lose tooth out. I cleaned him up, grabbed a tissue and pulled once and it came out. Now he keeps singing  "All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth"

The bookshelf is new to us. I belong to a Buy Nothing group and someone was giving it away. It isn't the sturdiest and still needs to get anchored to the wall, but it will work great to hold Austin's legos once we rebuild them. 

Hopefully next week is better than how this week went. 

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