Items to Buy Before Disney to Save Money

 Hey loves. We are planning our Disney vacation and making all the lists. (I am big on lists). With that comes the items we need to buy before we go because it is way cheaper at home than it is to buy at Disney. Even though we will have a car this year, no one wants to have to run to the store if they don't have to. 

Here are my top 125 items to buy before heading to Disney to save money. 

  • Ponchos - The chance it is going to rain one day of your vacation is pretty high for Florida. Disney does sell ponchos for over $10 and they are nothing special. Amazon has a set of 8, 4 adults and 4 kids for less than $16. Bring a plastic bag to throw them in when it is done raining, dry back the hotel and ready to use the next day. (It is better than being soaked) 
  • Mouse Ears- Yes you will see a lot of people at Disney wearing ears. They can be expensive. We have found the cutest ones at Five Below and on Amazon. If you are looking for something more personalized check out Etsy
  • Sunglasses- This may sound like a given, but if your not one to wear sunglasses all the time or your not driving you may forget them. Disney doesn't have a lot of shade. 
  • Sunscreen- You're going to need it. 
  • Autograph Book and Sharpie Retractable Marker- Your kids will see other kids getting autographs and then want to get them too. Amazon has a great selection. We ended up buying hard covered spiral notebooks and let the kids decorate with Disney Stickers. The hard covers make it easy for characters to sign. Large Clickable Markers make it so much easier for the costume characters to sign. 
  • Glow Sticks and Light up Toys- It is crazy the amount of money they want for a glowing toy. Buy a pack of glow stick for your kids and extra to give the kids around you while your waiting on the fireworks. These glow wands are similar to ones at Disney but half the price. 
  • Stroller- Strollers at Disney suck. They are hard plastic, the top doesn't give the kids much shade, there are no cupholders to pockets to hold items. You also can not take them out of the park. Imagine, it is late your child is sleeping in the stroller, you bought some souvenirs, have a popcorn bucket, a drink etc that you now have to carry everything back to the car. We rent a Bob double stroller at Kingdom Stroller (not an affiliate). Yes I said double for two of my kids because Disney is a lot of walking, we do at least 10 miles a day without realizing it. Kingdom Stroller drops off and picks up at the airport and many local hotels on and off property.
  • Costumes- Why do kids want to walk around in 100 degree heat dressed in a heavy dress like a princess? I don't get it but kids love to dress up. I have found the cutest, softest, light wear dresses that my kids love from Presley Couture 
  • Snacks- Snacks are always a must and can get so expensive. We grab some granola bars, fruit snacks, goldfish and throw it in our bag. 
  • Night light- This only pertains if your are staying at a hotel. The rooms get dark. If your kids are use to sleeping with some light on, bring a night light. 
  • Bubble wands- What kid doesn't love bubbles. 
  • Gum- if you are a gum chewer make sure to bring your own gum and throw it in the garbage not on the ground. You will not find gum for sale at any of the Disney parks. 
  • Straws- All the straws on Disney property are now paper, if they even have any. Think of the new cups that Starbucks and Dunkin have that have a little spout. I remember at one time to save the animals Animal Kingdom didn't have any straws of lids. I stick this bag of straws in my bookbag so we have it handy. It comes with a straw cleaner that we use when we go back to the hotel. 
What is your MUST buy item to buy before heading to Disney to save money?

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