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 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. We are halfway through the week. I am over here getting back into our regular routine now that my kids are all feeling better, the weather is gorgeous, and I am feeling like me again. 

Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay for Let's Look Morning Routines. I have two morning routines, one that I try to achieve that makes me the most productive and feel my best and the one that really happens. Over on Instagram stories I am also sharing a day in the life. 

First up is the morning routine I would like to get back into. I have random days when I achieve this routine. The past month it has not happened with sick kids. When i do achieve this morning routine, I feel better, I accomplish more, I'm in a better mood... 

430am- alarm goes goes. get dressed in workout clothes head downstairs. 

445am- mix my preworkout and add electrolytes in my water, while listening to the bible app and the bible recap podcast

5am- sit down to read my devotional (current devo). gratitude journal (current journal), and personal development (current pd). 

520am- downstairs to workout. current workout program is 21 Day Fix Super Block and workouts are 30 minutes.

6am- wake Ella up. put away dishes, make breakfast for Ella, pack lunches and get bookbags ready. eat my post workout brownie bowl if need be. 

7am- wake Austin up (if he isn't already), walk Ella to the bus stop

715am- make/eat breakfast for myself, Austin, Brian and Anna if she is awake (or her second breakfast)

8am- Austin off to school, clean up kitchen, make my to do list for the day sit down to do a little business work on the laptop.

9am- Anna goes to school 3 days a week. From there I have free time to do my own stuff, housework, or go shopping. 

Now lets talks about what my days really look like. 

6am- waking up at the same time I have to get Ella up. I put in my headphones, listen to the bible app and bible recap. Make her breakfast, put away dishes, pack lunches and get bookbags ready.

7am- walk Ella to the bus stop

715am- Brian makes breakfast, I get vitamins. 

8am- Austin goes to school I clean up the kitchen and sit down and do a little business work.

9am- take Anna to school 3 days a week, come home and workout and/or do whatever errands I have to do. 

Some days workouts don't get done at all, or they happens at other times. I have had no consistency. Some days there is a lot of cuddling with Anna and getting nothing done. 

What does your morning routine look like?

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