Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How was your Memorial Day weekend? We could not have asked for more perfect weather and great times with family and friends. We took time to remember the ones who lost their lives too. 


Friday was the first official day of summer for Audrianna. She got to go shopping with me and did so good. I usually do most of my shopping while she is at school. First stop was a return and buying a few odds and ends from Walmart. She was so good while waiting in line at customer service that the customer service lady gave her a small bag of cookies. 

Next stop was grocery shopping at Aldi. I forgot to take my bags in with me (which I usually forget to grab them). So we pack at bags at the trunk. Austin's booster seat was in the trunk, I sat her on the seat while I packed and loaded groceries. 

Next stop was Dollar Tree which was a quick in and out. Last was a return at the UPS store. The line was out the door. I was shocked we were in and out in 7 minutes and Anna waited so patiently again. I then treated her to a Happy Meal from McDonalds. 

Shopping with mom is so tiring that she fell asleep on the way home eating her French fries. 

Austin had his first coach pitch baseball game. Anna and I sat on the bottom bench to watch. I brought Anna a few Water Wow books that had been put away since last baseball and soccer season. While sitting there another little girl came over to play. The played for a little while. Then Anna ended up running around the rest of the game with some boys and "climbing" a tree. Really just stepping on the roots and running around it. 

Austin has progressed a lot since last years t-ball. He needs to work on his swing and catching. 

He had fun and didn't want the game to end. His team ended up losing 18-8 but they were all good sports about it. 

Saturday morning we headed to downtown Cleveland for a charity 5k event for the TJ Carrie Foundation. TJ is a friend and client of Brian's and we are always up to support a good cause. 

Since we had the kids with us we decided to do the 1 mile walk instead of the 5k run. Austin did awesome for the walk. Anna walked, ran and was in the stroller. 

We were getting towards the finish line and they decided to run. It was so cute (waiting for official photos) Anna and Austin ran across the finish line, Austin let Anna win and they had the red tape across so it was like a real win. Anna will tell you she won the race. 

Had to get a picture with TJ before we left. 

After the race we walked around some of downtown, by Lake Erie. 

and by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Afterwards we did some shopping and came home to start making food for a cookout on Sunday. Anna helped mix the cornbread muffins. 

Brian was doing lots of yard work that has just been adding up. He took a break to grill some turkey burger for the kids and shrimp burgers for us. The shrimp burger from Trader Joes were really good. We made a sriracha mayo and slaw on top. 

After dinner Anna and Austin went outside to chalk while Brian was doing more yardwork. She rang the doorbell and showed me her beautiful coloring on herself. It really meant she wanted a bath. 

Sunday started off as a relaxing day. Ella at her dads but having a sleepover at her friends house that night and needed her stuff. We were leaving so I left her bag on the porch. 

30 minutes before we were suppose to leave to go to Brian's moms house for a cookout Anna decided she needed a nap. She stayed asleep in the car until we went through the car wash. 

We had a nice cookout with family and friend. Delicious food and fun games. This was the only picture I took at the party. 

Monday morning, after some confusion on what time we were suppose to pick up Ella, we picked her up earlier than planned and went to a local Memorial Day parade. 

Then we grabbed donuts to eat in the park and went on a little walk. 

Back at home Brian did yard work (never ending). The kids helped wash the truck then said they were going to take a nap. I come inside to find them on the couch together but they didn't nap. 
Ella was invited to her friends house to go swimming. I had her pack her clothes for vacation then took her to her friends house. 

We ended the holiday weekend at my friends house for a impromptu cookout. The kids played with water balloons, on the trampoline with the sprinkler, and just running around. It was the perfect start to summer. 

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

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