Quick Life Update- Audrianna Edition

 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How are you doing? Our life has been crazy to say the least. I had all the plans, goals, and hopes to start off May on the right foot, in "picture perfect" way. As you can guess it did not happen. Someone else had different plans and goals for me, like spending 8 hours in the emergency room. More on that below. 

Here's the back story of what we have been dealing with for the past month almost. The day after Easter (April 10) Audrianna tested positive for strep. No big deal, still not fun, gave her amoxicillin. 

9 days after starting the amoxicillin Anna started breaking out in a rash. I took her to the express care with no real answers. Just to give her benedryl and put hydrocortisone cream on the rash. 

Every day it progressively got worse. 

We went to another Urgent care and still no answers just to follow up with her primary care. 

This was the worse of it when it turned purple.

When we went to the primary care the worst of it was gone and she only had a few pop up patches that would come and go. The doctors thought was it was an allergy to the amoxicillin and would take time to clear our of her system. This was last Wednesday.

By Saturday Anna wasn't having any more rashes.

Sunday she took her normal nap and woke up complaining of her leg hurting and couldn't walk. The afternoon progressed that you couldn't move her without her screaming in pain. She didn't want to put on a diaper because it hurt to move, she didn't want to go to the playground or take a bath, which we were just trying to see if she wanted to do the things she loves. Ultimately we decided to take her to the ER.

The ER was crazy we waited in the waiting room for 2 hours, then got a bed in the hallway and waited another hour before we even saw a doctor. They ended up doing xrays and blood work. We eventually got moved into a room (that was freezing) and Anna had to get an IV. 

As a mom it is the worst thing ever to have to hold your child down as two other nurses get her hooked up to an iv and take blood. She is a fighter and just kept saying "stop touching me" "leave me alone" "that hurts" It breaks your heart but at the same time you know what you are doing is for the best. Once they were done she also tried to rip it out. 

All of her blood work and x-ray came back normal. AT 230 am they finally gave her some meds and said they could come back and check on us shorting. An hour later the doctor came back, she was finally asleep (she sleep some in the hallway before getting the iv, since they she watched tv) They ended up letting us go home, (the other option was to be transfer to a different hospital) and to follow up with her doctor. They didn't 100% know what was wrong but had a few ideas that would eventually go away on their own. 

We got home and to bed at 5am. Brian was wonderful and picked up Ella from her dads, got both kids off to school, then went to his own doctors appointment and work. He was also running on very little sleep Anna and I woke up around 10:30 had breakfast, lots of cuddles and nap. Anna woke up still in pain and hard to move. As the evening progressed she started moving more, walked to me very slowly holding onto the couch. Over time she ended up walking more and playing a very minimal slow hide and seek with Austin. 

Today she is walking and moving her legs. She still has a limp when she walks and in slow motion but she is getting better. We go back to the doctor tomorrow.

With all that being said. I am so thankful to be able to work from home to be able to care for my kids and drop everything whenever I need to. I am so thankful that she is progressively getting better. I am so thankful for my tribe, my mom spent most of the night at the ER with me. 

This month did not start off as planned, but we have some fun exciting things planned personally and as a family. 

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  1. What an ordeal! I'm glad she is starting to feel better. I wonder what it was...what a mystery!

  2. Oh my goodness; how scary! I am glad she's starting to feel better but wow. That does not sound like a fun start to the month at all. Hoping you get some real answers soon.


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