Trader Joes Haul

Hey loves. I'm coming at your today with a Trader Joes Haul. It is not what I originally had planned for today, but I went shopping and wanted to share all my finds. I usually go shopping right after I drop Anna off at preschool, so 915-930. Yesterday I went after getting my eyebrows done, at 1015. Such a difference in the amount of people and the demographic. Usually it is a younger crowd, today was older and a lot busier. I didn't think an hour would make that much of a different. 

Grab your Trader Joes shopping list and your pen and add your favorites to your list. Does anyone else have a different shopping list for each store? or is it just me?

Mandarin Orange Chicken- Family favorite and great for a quick easy dinner. We add some broccoli and rice to make it a meal. 

Turkey Burgers- It is grill season again. The freezer is stocked with these turkey burgers. 

Pink and White cookies- I would be lying if I said only my kids like these. They are a family favorite. 

Dark Chocolate bark- First time trying and is so good. Perfect when I want something chocolate bonus for me no one else in my house eats dark chocolate. 

Alfredo Sauce- Ella requested Alfredo next week for dinner and lunches. When not making homemade sauce this is my go to. 

Strawberry Basil vinaigrette - I haven't tried yet but sounds so good. 

Plantain chips- I grabbed for vacation. Perfect crunchy snack while driving and only $1.99 

Everything but the bagel nut dup- these are so addicting. 

Corn dog- Two of my kids are on a corn dog kick again. 

Shrimp burgers- I saw these and decided to give them a try. Have you had a shrimp burger before?

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