11 Items to NOT Forgot on Your Disney Trip

  Hey loves. We are planning our Disney vacation and making all the lists. (I am big on lists). With that comes the items we want to make sure we remember. Even though we will have a car this year, no one wants to run to the store if they don't have to. Here are my top XXX items to NOT forget 

  • Portable Charge- yes your phone may stay charged all day at home. At Disney you maybe taking more photos, playing games with the kids while standing in line, looking at maps, checking wait times, etc. It is better to have a portable charger than a dead phone. 
  • Reusable Water Bottle- bottled water can be expensive and bad for the environment. Bring your own and fill it up for free. Bonus not having to stand in line to buy water.
  • Poncho- the chance it is going to rain one day of your vacation is pretty high for Florida. Disney does sell ponchos for over $10 and they are nothing special. Run to Walmart in their outdoor section and grab a bunch of ponchos for $1. Bring a plastic bag to throw them in when it is done raining, dry back the hotel and ready to use the next day. (It is better than being soaked)
  • Backpack- A great way to carry all your stuff. Extra clothes, snacks, water bottle, activities to do while in line, etc. Every ride at Disney World has some place safe for you to leave your backpack or you can take it on most rides with you. (I never leave valuables in my backpack, but also never have had a problem leaving items in the stroller)
  • Blister Bandaids- It has been a given that every vacation someone gets a blister. It could be new shoes, wet shoes, or just not use to walking so much in one day.
  • Ziplock bags- It is going to rain. Anything you don't want to get wet store in a ziplock bag or water proof pouch
  • Stroller Fan- It is hot in Florida in the summer. It is even hotter sitting in a stroller without good air flow. A stroller fan can help fight the heat and those tantrums because they are hot. 
  • Cooling Towel - You would be surprised how hot it gets in the sun walking around Disney. Cooling Towels work awesome on making the heat bearable. 
  • Sunscreen- You are going to need it. It is no fun being a lobster
  • Sunglasses- This may sound like a given, but if your not one to wear sunglasses all the time or your not driving you may forget them. Disney doesn't have a lot of shade.
  • Comfortable walking shoes- On average we end up walking 10 plus miles a day while at Disney World. They are big parks with lots to do. You're not doing it all at once but it is a lot of walking. Break in those shoes before you get there. 
  • Gum- You won't find gum for sale on Disney property. Be sure to pick so up if you are a gum chewer before you get there. Also be considerate and throw gum in the garbage and not on the ground. 
What is your must have item to take to Disney World?

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