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 Hey loves. I am back today sharing more of our vacation. If you missed it I shared our Road Trip Adventure and Hotel Tour and Disney Springs. Today is all about Hollywood Studios. 

To give you some insight we went to Hollywood Studios on a Sunday at the beginning of June. It was crazy busy. We started our trip with discussing with our kids what their "must dos" are. We knew we were on limited time, we were not purchasing the Disney Genie plus, and we were only at each park one day. Austin's big thing was Star Wars Land which is at Hollywood Studios. 

We had a slower start to the morning that planned after having a later night than planned. We ate breakfast at the hotel cereal, bagels with cream cheese, and concentrate coffee from Trader Joes. We left our hotel at 8:35am. 

Our hotel was close to the parks. We were parked and walking through security by 9am. *tip when you have a stroller you have to take bags out from underneath. Leave umbrellas and phone chargers in stroller so you and your bad don't set off the metal detectors. 

* Donut Ears were from 5 Below in the party section. 

We stopped on the main strip to get a family photo. The photographer took a bunch, but a little girl wanted nothing to do with them. She was hiding her face in every one. *tip if you pay for the photo pass get your moneys worth. (we paid for it but did not get enough photos for it to be worth it)
Side note- as soon as we walked into the park Anna started with she was hungry. In our bag I brought a bunch of snacks for them to munch on. The first day they went through all the snacks, the heat makes you hungry.

First stop was the old original Star Wars ride, Star Tours. There was a 5 minute wait so Brian and Austin went to ride it. Anna is not tall enough and Ella has no interest in Star Wars. 

While we were waiting we went to the bathroom and did some wondering around. 

Next up was Star Wars Land. Disney did any amazing job of making you feel like you were in Star Wars. I am not a Star Wars person so I am sure there is better terminology and a lot of things I don't understand. 

Anna was in a good mood so we stopped to get a photo in hopes she would smile. It didn't happen again but the photos turned out cute. 

It was time to do something the girls would like. Toy Story Land. I say that as they are also not a fan of the movies but it is a fun area with everything going on. We rose the Alien Saucers and watched the Toy Soldiers walking around. 

Our worst wait was for Toy Story Mania. What was listed at 30 minutes we ended up waiting close to an hour. The kids were hungry and whiny. We made the best of it and they loved the ride. 

Brian mobile order lunch from Woody's Lunch Box. *tip mobile ordering can be faster than standing in line, which was true for this instance. While we were waiting for our pick up time we went and found a popcorn bucket. *tip cheapest snack. Paid $13 for the bucket that my kids play with at home. Our whole vacation  (as long as you bring back the bucket) you get refills of popcorn for $2.25. 
For lunch we ate bbq brisket melt which was really good, and kids meal turkey sandwich which Ella ate but wasn't a fan of and had only once small piece of turkey lunch meat on it. The kids ate potato barrels. We also got ice waters and filled out water bottles.

Frozen Sing Along. Anna's excitement, smiles, singing, her face in awww. She stood up most of the show. 

Then we went and meet Olaf. She was scared at first.

But wouldn't let go of his hand. 

Austin even gave him a hug before we left. 

Ella requested to ride Tower of Terror. Austin had no desire to ride and Anna was to short. This is Ella's favorite ride at Hollywood Studios. Brian is wearing the red tank top and hat and Ella is in the blue tank top in the front row. 

While they were on Tower of Terror I took Anna and Austin to Lightening McQueen's Racing Academy. It was a cute little show that they both enjoyed. It was also in air conditioning which was nice. 

Real life toddler mom moment. We were leaving the Cars thing and Anna saw a face painting thing. I didn't see it or realize it was open. I said we had to go find daddy. This turned into her running away, full blown screaming kicking crying temper tantrum that went on for a good 30 minutes. To took us a little while to figure out what she was saying. She was also hot and tired. I finally caved and let her get her face painted for $22 that had to be paid with a card, and tip could only be with cash. I was that parent with the screaming toddler at Disney World, the most magical place on earth. (sneak peak this happened each day we were at the parks) 

Anna did so good sitting there holding still. We opted to not do lipstick or glitter on her lips. There is glitter in her hair. Over a month later there is still glitter on her head and I have scrubbed and scratched to try getting it off. But she was happy the rest of the day and cute. 

This was our first day really dealing with the heat this vacation when it felt like 98 degrees. When we left Ohio it was still only in the 60s and 70s. 

Brian had planned to have dinner outside of Hollywood Studios and headed over to Disney's Caribbean Beach. We stayed at this hotel the first time that Brian and I went to Disney World without kids (before Austin was born). It is a big hotel with lots of walking. The easiest way to get from Hollywood Studios to the resort is the Skyliner. I was not thrilled about this. They are enclosed gondola style transportation that takes you above water and roads. I will say it was quick and efficient. Thankfully it didn't stop when we were on it. 

We had a double stroller so we had to fold it up and it barely fit, but if you have a single stroller you can just push it on. 

This is the smirk of Ella because she got me on the skyliner and is all see its not that bad. 

From the skyliner is a bit of a walk to the main part of the resort where we were getting dinner at. We got food from Centertown Market. I don't remember what we got but it was good. I want to say it was tacos and a bowl. Ella got a cheeseburger and we got the other two chicken fingers. (we void mac and cheese when it is hot due to past experiences) 

Leaving Hollywood Studios was a nice break in the day to cool off and the kids to take a nap. It did however take a good two and a half hours out of day of riding rides or seeing shows in the park. If we didn't have a 3 year old the day would have been different. 

Another attempt at pictures.Yay we are all looking and smiling

We also just did the kids. 

This is my favorite with their personalities. 

When we got back to Hollywood Studios Brian and Austin went back to Star Wars Land and rode Millennium Falcon and Rise of the Resistance. The girls went and watched Muppet Vision 3d and road Alien Swirling Saucers again. 

We ended the night walking around some stores. There were not any other rides that the kids wanted to ride that didn't have oven an hour wait (Slinky Dog) then we headed back to the car. We planned on not staying for Fantasmic!. My watch said I walked 23,858 steps but I was also pushing the stroller a lot and it doesn't always count those steps correctly. Ella's watch said we walked 27,000 steps, so I am going with that. 
Last note Anna's makeup was mostly worn off by the time we got back to the hotel, which I knew was going to happen with the heat and being a child. 

Next week I will be sharing Day 4 at Magic Kingdom. 

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