Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. Happy last day of July. How was your weekend? We had a great weekend. I have no real plans and ending up doing a lot more and not getting other things done as well. That's life and just means I will add to my to do list for this week. 

Lets take a look back.

Friday morning started off with haircuts for Brian and Austin. They hadn't had a haircut since before vacation the beginning of June and it was much needed. I had planned on cutting there hair on Thursday night but we ended up hanging out with our neighbors until bedtime. With it being hot out and Austin running around I prefer to not cut his hair when he is sweaty as you get a better buzz cut when your not all sweaty. 

Friday was the hottest day of the year with humidity and crazy weather  with a high of 04 and it felt like 104 degrees. The kids went swimming in our little pool once then thunder storms rolled in. The kids played together, got along, and did weird random crafts. For all that really meant just cutting paper and gluing them together, but she was happy as can be.

We ended up having a low key evening. Our original plan was to go swimming in our neighbors pool but we had to reschedule with all the pop up storms. 

Saturday Brian treated us by taking us out to breakfast. We went to Falls restaurant which we use to go to all the time before and while I was pregnant with Austin. It is not far from the train tracks. The kids were waiting for a train after they finished eating, but one didn't come while we were there. 

After breakfast we went for a little walk. Austin loved walking over these 4 train tracks. it is hard to see in this picture but there is a train on the far left track, but it was stopped and had been for a while. We walked to a nearby park and just as we got there a train went by and we stopped to watch. 

We went to the park to check out some small waterfalls. It had been years since I had been here and the part unfortunately has went downhill a lot. They no longer allow swimming in the river. The steps and paths are not kept up. The bathrooms are also closed due to to much vandalism. 

It is the hands on the hips attitude for me. 

After the park we went and picked up our by weekly CSA produce pick up. Anna was wondering slowly behind us. A girl from a pick your own flower far gave Anna a flower. She was so sweet and said Thank you and that she wanted to share the flower with me. 

A random pop up storm passed through. Then the sun came out and the kids wanted to go swimming. The water was not that warm and it wasn't that warm out but they still played for a good half hour. 

Since we had no plans Brian started checking things off his honey to do list. One being figuring out what is wrong with our dishwasher. We think we know what is wrong now but have to figure out if it is worth it to fix it or just replace it. 

Finished week 2 of the workout program I am doing. Austin kept me company downstairs while I worked her played X Box. 

A new favorite meal. 100% grassfed ground beef (it is only $3.99 a pound at Aldi) with bbq sauce, mushrooms and onions cheese and bacon. (no bun) salad from our garden. tomato from csa produce. Then I made a cucumber and tomato salad with CSA product and had a slice of homemade sourdough. 

Sunday morning we woke up and went to church. Came home and did some cleaning then my girlfriend and her daughters came over to play. Somehow all the kids ended up at the neighbors house for a while but they all got along. Minus Anna decided to go for a bike ride by herself twice and I had to chase after her. (tmi I have been wearing a sports bra all week to be able to run and catch up with her, today I had a normal bra on. Not so fun. The one time our neighbor just so happened to be driving by and pulled in a driveway to stop her. Her little legs can pedal fast. )

Overall we had a great weekend with friends. I am going to miss summer when its gone. 

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