Things I Do At the Beginning of Every Month

 Hey love. September is only a few days away. I am preparing for the new month with new schedules and routines with the kids back in school. I always feel like September is like a new year. A fresh start with so many new opportunities. I have XXX things that I do at the beginning of every month to help start each month on the best foot possible to do all the things. 

  • Review the past month This is a great way to start off the month to see what you got done and what you didn't. You can add what you didn't to this month and see how much you can actually get done each month
  • Make monthly goals I like to break my goals down from personal, family, business, and household. 
  • Brain Dump write down everything on your mind that needs to get done or you want to do. From there you can decide add it to your calendar to get done. 
  • Start a To Do List take your goals, brain dump, cleaning list, etc and start making your to do list for the month, week, and/or daily 
  • Update Calendar and Schedules. Make sure everything is up to date, schedule sitters if needed and make sure everyone is on board. 
  • Take Freezer Inventory. Knowing what we have on head helps make our weekly menu and saving money.
  • Plan something exciting for the month We all like to look forward to something. It doesn't have to be something expensive just something you look forward to such as date night, going to the zoo, family walk etc.

What things do you do at the beginning of each month ?

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  1. Other than meal plan I don't do all that much at the start of each month.


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