Weekend Wrap Up and Currently

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? It was our first weekend after back to school and we ended the weekend having some unnecessary excitement. Our goal was to keep the weekend low key.  A new routine, even just for 3 days can be draining. On Wednesday Austin came home, 30 minutes later than he should have (first day bus fun with new routines, new kids, and thunderstorms with flooding) and he was just mush. He was hungry and didn't want to do anything but lay around and cuddle. It was a gorgeous weekend and we could have planned so much but thought it would be best to play it by ear.

Friday Night

Both Ella and Austin's buses arrived about 10 minutes late. They are getting closer, hopefully next week they will be more consistent. Ella got picked up by her dad then Brian, Anna, Austin and myself went out to dinner with our neighbors. We had planned to go to Octoberfest with them the week before but other things came up. Instead we enjoyed the a German restaurant. We sat outside on their patio and there was a nice playground to entertain the kids. I somehow didn't take any pictures on Friday at all. 

After dinner we went home and relaxed. After the last few nights being severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings we all went to bed early. 


We started off our morning at our normal Frostville Farmer's Market for produce pick up. We also got local farm grass fed ground beef, hummus and, local honey.

Then we went to Crocker Park with some friends. We first did the Farmers Market where we got peppers and lettuce. Then we walked over to the Lego store for the kids to look around and play for a little bit.

Here is what we got with our produce pick up. 

In the afternoon Anna's best friends came over to play on the water slide and I enjoyed talking with my girlfriend. After they left Brian and I did yardwork. I weeded one flower bed that hadn't been done since spring and was much needed. Austin also helped and started removing bricks that were around the other flower bed. We are starting to personalize and redo the flower beds since moving in almost 2 years ago. 


I woke up Sunday morning barely able to move. Between doing yard work and not sleeping in my own bed (thank you Anna) my back was screaming at me. We canceled plans to go to church and planned on staying home all day. Brian started doing more yard work and the kids were behaving. 

I even got Austin to help me with laundry. Between resting I did housework that needed done, dishes, laundry, and school paper work. 

As I was resting I got a phone call from Brian. He had fallen in the garage. I ran downstairs and into the garage to help him. I moved everything that was in the way. Brian had called his brother who lives a few minutes away to help him up. He got him up, and got him into the house. Eventually Brian asked that I take him to be seen. He called his mom and she sent over his uncle to watch the kids then she would be over a little later. It was thankfully a quick walk in at the Urgent Care. They did an X=ray and moved his knee around. They determined it is just a sprain and nothing is broken. It doesn't sound like anything is torn but we won't know for a few days if Brian isn't doing any better than he will have to be an orthopedic doctor. 

Brian had planned on testing samples of paint. He talked his uncle and mom into helping as he sits and watches. 

The rest of the day we rested as much as possible. I would go back and forth from doing something that needed done to laying on the heating pad and watching Hallmark movies. 

Mixing it up today and adding in a fun currently post. I got the idea from Erika over at A Little Bit of Everything.

Making - Some Halloween crafts with my kids. I can't wait to share what we have been up to. 

Cooking - I am still on a sourdough kick. I thought I killed my starter as it wasn't doubling in size but after a few days of feeding it was nice and active. I always have Artisan bread on hand and waffles in the freezer. We also have cinnamon raisin English muffins in the freezer too. I want to try honey sandwich bread and blueberry bagels next. 

Drinking - All the water and I am back in the habit of having a shake every day too. I am on a Hazy IPA Beer kick. I did grab some pumpkin beer that I found the other day too. 

Eating- More protein. I have been reading as you get older and pre-menopausal you need more protein and it aids in weight loss. Figured it wouldn't hurt to try as I have been on a plateau that nothing else I have been doing seems to be working. 

Reading- Yoga Pant Nation by Laurie Gelman

Wanting- To decorate for fall and Halloween and all things pumpkin spice. A couple weeks ago Brian surprised the kids with pumpkin donuts and coffee, well that was for me, from Dunkin. I am ready for September 5th to start decorating, shh don't tell Brian even though I am sure he knows it is coming.

Looking- forward to some peace and quiet with just myself. I love my kids but I haven't had a few hours to myself since June. Unfortunately what I thought was going to be 3 hours is now only like an hour and a half but we will make it work.  

Playing- Basketball, Austin did a 4 day basketball camp and loved it. He plays everyday in the driveway now. He is getting really good at shooting. Now to work on the footwork more. Every morning before school we have to move Brian's truck so Austin can practice while he waits for the bus. 

Wasting- I know I am wasting to much time on TikTok but I feel like occasionally I do learn something to. 

Buying- Random odds and ends. I got Anna a new book she asked for. Austin a new water bottle, Ella some dresses for school. 

Wishing- That my back get back to normal quickly and Brian's knee is just a sprain and nothing is torn. 

Loving- The weather in Northern Ohio is forecasted to be in the low 70s and upper 60s. It is starting to feel like Fall. The windows are open and the leaves are slowly starting to change. 

Marveling- hmmm

Needing- to find motivation and time to get things done. From removing wallpaper to organizing, to purging. I have a mile 

Smelling- Coconut candle I am burning in the kitchen. 

Wearing- My mom uniform of tank tops and biker shorts. 

Noticing- I love me some Hallmark movies but I don't love the movies on Great American Family the same, even with the same story lines and actors. I know random. Anyone else feel this way?

Knowing- The holidays are coming quick. If you are my friend on Facebook (not my business page) I share quite often a countdown to Christmas. It is just a healthy reminder. I have started shopping and coming up with ideas for people. 

Opening- All the emails from the schools, PTA's, the teachers. Somedays it is like 10 emails between the two kids and I don't want to miss anything. 

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