Costco Haul - September

 Hey loves. It is so nice with the kids back in school being able to go to Costco without the craziness. I made the mistake of going in August with my girlfriend and between us 5 kids. It was a crazy shopping trip to say the least, never again. I went last week with just Anna. She did great, sat in the cart and ate all the samples. I shared on Instagram that we went to Costco and I got some requests to share what we bought. This trip was a smaller than usually trip. They were out of a few items we were looking for (Pirates Booty) but we still got some good things. Here's my haul. 

This was not on our shopping list. Anna saw an Elsa costume but they didn't have it in her size. Next to it they had these snow princess dresses that was in her size. She said she loved it and wanted it. 

Skinny Pop popcorn, not my favorite but I like s healthy snack.

These were on sale and You NEED This. They are actually really good. 

A staple in our house, organic maple syrup with one ingredient. 

These caught my eye. I have been adding these pumpkin seed to yogurt and just eating alone. 

A steal for only $5 is this Pinot Grigio wine. It is light and refreshing. 

Brian and I take Kirklands adult multivitamin gummies everyday. We were out for a few days so needed to stock up. 

There is not a trip to Costco that doesn't have flour on my list or in my cart. 

Someone shared on Instastoreis that the leggies are Costco are Lululemon dupes. I bought two pair to try them out. I didn't realize they were flair capris. The length of them on me look like floods. I am going to hem them a little next week. Quality wise they feel great. 

Time to restock on tissues and toilet paper. 

As soon as we got home Anna had to wear her Elsa costume. She wore it all that day then it got put away so it wouldn't get ruined before Halloween. 

What are your favorite finds at Costco?

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