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 Hey loves. Happy first Wednesday of the September

It's the first Wednesday of the month. I am taking a look back at my intentions for last month and sharing my intentions for this month. 

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The cooler temps that we had last year. Nights were in the 50s and most days were in the 70s. Fall weather is falling, but it was fake fall. This week are temps are in the 80s and 90s. 


Back to school chaos. Anna had orientation yesterday and her first day of pre-k is today. Her new schedule I didn't figure in the timing of the older two. She gets out of school the same time Austin gets off the bus. I see having to pick up Austin and sit in that line (you know the one where mom's sit for an hour to pick up their kid before school is even let out) if Ella takes an extra activities and won't be home after school to get Austin off the bus. Also with this timing I only get about an hour and a half to myself before Ella gets home from school. 


Of decorating for Christmas. Yes I know I just started doing all the fall and Halloween decorations but Christmas is really in my heart. 


I am focusing on eating a non-inflammatory food. I have been feeling like major crap again, with bloating and my back flare up has been horrible. I know what I eat can be a huge contributor to this. 

Using to Decorate 

All the things. I have been buying all the Halloween and fall stuff that I have seen at Dollar Tree and Target. (don't knock it) We are hosting Thanksgiving again so I won't be decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. So I am doing Fall and Halloween now. After Halloween will be fall and pumpkins. 

September Intentions


  • zoo date with Heather
  • date with Brian
  • playdate with friends
  • go to PTA meeting


  • Open back up a saving account
  • focus on anti inflammatory food
  • workout 4 days a week
  • ride myx once a week
  • go for a walk 3 days a week
  • make eye dr appointment
  • go to regular dr appoint
  • get into morning routine
  • schedule dentist appt
  • color hair


  • Movie night
  • Game night
  • Go out to eat
  • Fall festival
  • Host Ella's birthday party
  • Spend 60 hours outside
  • Have a fire
  • Make Fall bucket list
  • sleep train Anna
  • Start xmas list for kids

Home Life:

  • remove wallpaper from stairs
  • remove wallpaper from kids bathroom
  • paint reading book
  • decorate for fall/Halloween 
  • go through my clothes
  • laundry strip Brian's clothes
  • organize basement
  • sell toys in basement
  • redo Anna's room

Lets Look Back at August Intentions:


  • double date at the zoo- yes
  • date with Brian- no
  • playdate with friends- yes


  • Gratitude journal every day- yes
  • devotional daily- yes
  • Bible recap- yes
  • complete Chop Wood Carry Water- yes
  • Drink 70 oz of water a day- no
  • Ride Myx Bike 4 times- no
  • Get back into a morning routine (not just winging the day)- no
  • Get a haircut- yes
  • Read personal development book- yes
  • Make eye doctor appointment- yes
  • Dr visit with new primary care- no they had to reschedule again


  • Go for a walk/ride 3x a week- no
  • Spend at least 100 hours outside- yes
  • Have a mother daughter date with Ella at Cedar Point- no
  • Go to Cedar Point- yes
  • family movie night- yes (mean girls and freaky friday)
  • family game night- no
  • camping in the backyard- yes (the kids did)
  • have a fire- yes

Home Life:

  • Start organizing basement- no
  • Sell toys in basement- no
  • Go through Anna's clothes- yes
  • Go through Austin's clothes- yes
  • Go through Ella's clothes- yes and no we are doing it little by little
  • start sleep training Anna to go to bed by herself- no
  • Go back to school shopping- yes
  • Get in new routine for back to school- yes

Social Media:

  • Share 3 reels a week on Instagram- no
  • Send out newsletter=- no
  • Help 3 women on their health and wellness journey- no
  • Post 3x a week for real BG Group- no

1000 Hours Outside, started June 2023
June hours- 142
July hours- 131
August hours- 150
Total Hours- 423

Apple Watch Goals:
Move goal 450 cal- 21 out of 31
Exercise goal 30 minutes- 29 out of 31
Stand goal 12 hours- 30 out of 31

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  1. I love your intentions feature. Yes, decorating for Christmas in on my mind, too, as I'm decorating for autumn!


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