New Season New Changes New Beginnings

Hey loves. How are you doing? Really how are you? I know I am not alone in saying there is so many changes happening right now. Currently all three of my kids are in school, I get about 2 hours 3 days a week to myself and I am working on so many things. I use to be the girl who hated anything that changed from new employees or policies at work to a change in just the day to day schedule or plans. Most people don't love change, especially as a kid. Now as an adult I am embracing all the changes. Change can be good. It is like a new season can feel like a new year. With that can be new friends, new opportunities, trying new things, etc. Lets not forget the change of the seasons soon enough the leaves will turn beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows. Are you a fan of changes?

So what other changes are going on in our life?

  • I am surprising my kids with a reading nook in the basement under the stairs. I want them a comfy cozy space to hang out in that is just theirs. Ella and Austin have both mentioned numerous times they want to move back to our old house because it was finished there were not a million projects going on. Soon enough we will get there. Brian did say he plans on starting to work on finishing part of the basement again and getting the kids a toy/play/lego/craft room. We have so many projects going on at the same time. 
  • Purging- I am over all the mess and all the stuff. I was purging before summer then with the kids home it became harder to get rid of their stuff when they were there. Now that I have a few hours to myself I can get rid of stuff again. Soon enough the holidays will be here and there will be more stuff again. I just got a list from Our Happy Hive that includes 100 things to to declutter (can be found in her free-bee library). It is a great starting point.
  • Kids are getting older Anna is in pre-k, Austin in 2nd grade, and Ella in 6th grade. Next year will be middle school, I am not ready for that more so in denial. 
  • Sports- Anna is playing soccer and Austin is playing Basketball again. Ella is not interested in sports but is doing student council and service club so far. 
  • Back to a cleaning routine- I slacked on cleaning certain things over summer. Time was better spent outside with the kids. Now I see the dirt and little finger prints everywhere that need to go. I am trying some new cleaning products that are less toxic and omg are they amazing. They cleaned my shower better than the harsh chemicals I was trying. Even Brian noticed I cleaned the shower and said something. 
  • We are potentially becoming official members of a church. We have been going to the same church off and on for a few months and enjoying it. This is huge for me as I never stepped foot in a church growing up but want to change that for myself and my family. 
  • I am on the struggle bus with a lot of things in my life right now. What I want to do, where I want to focus my time, what I am being called to do, what I feel in my beliefs. This is something I am working on and probably won't be a quick change.
  • Brian's is getting busy again with work. That means more evenings that he is out of the house doing showing. 
  • I wish I could say that we are in a new good routine with the kids being back in school for almost a month now. But it has been a rough transition. Ella and Austin are doing good, minus Ella and her homework (that's a whole different issue). Anna doesn't want to go to school but is fine once she is there. This year she goes in the afternoon compared to previously she went in the morning and she sees her siblings leave in the morning she wants to go too. 

What is new in your life? What changes are you going through?

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