Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. How was your weekend? We had a busy but great weekend. We also have a busy week ahead. There is something on the schedule every night this week. 


Like father like daughter. Anna cut the grass for a little bit with Brian. Then she said I'm tired and it's to much work. 

Only 2 weeks late but our back patio has been started. They leveled the area and formed the area and added the rocks. (this week it will get inspected and concrete poured.)

Brian had a late appointment and wasn't home for dinner. We ordered pizza then spent the evening outside playing with the neighbors before bed. 


Saturday morning I dropped off Ella to carpool for a Girl Scout event. Then I went home and finished getting ready for a crazy over packed day. 

Brian picked Wendy's for breakfast. We had only tried there once before and we were not happy. He also picked to go in. We ended up waiting over 15 minutes for our food, they messed up my coffee and had to remake it, and forgot to give us one of our fries. My coffee was suppose to be a black cold brew. They couldn't understand that I didn't want cream and sugar. the kids got French toast sticks that they liked. Brian got a sausage egg and cheese on an English muffin that he liked. I got a bacon egg and cheese on a biscuit that was ehh. 

After breakfast we had to pick up Anna's soccer jersey then checked out our city's health and wellness fair with touch a truck. There were police cars, a fire truck, swap, tow truck, snow plow, and some construction equipment. My kids were not very impressed with it. They did like getting a fireman's hat and a construction hat and cone. Inside they got some snacks and played on the bounce house. 

We stopped at home to grab a few things, dropped off hazardous wastes then hit the road to go to Brian's work cookout. Anna must have already had a rough day. This was at like 1130.

Austin too. He liked the idea of using the potato salad as an arm rest for his nap. 

To our surprise there was a big jump house for the kids to play with. There were only 4 kids there, half of which were mine. It was wonderful and kept them amused while all the adults chatted. 

It was the perfect day with gorgeous weather. Delicious food and great company. 

Ella had fun at her Girl Scout event. It was Girl Scouts day at the zoo. They did a small tour, had a picnic and helped with a craft. Their earned a badge and worked towards hours for another award. 

The rest of the evening was spend relaxing at home. Brian and Austin watched the Ohio State Football game, I relaxed and watched Vampire Diaries, and Ella did homework. Oh Anna was also every where and played. 


Ella requested crepes for breakfast. She saw a new place opened near us that had sushi crepes (rolled bananas with toppings) but they were crazy expensive. Brian duplicated it at home. They turned out very good. 

After breakfast Ella and I ran to Walmart and Aldi to get this weeks shopping done. 

While I cleaned the house, Brian took Anna and Austin to his uncles house to play with the train set her has in his backyard. It has been a few years but he finally got it working after the mice in the garage had a field day. They had so much fun and didn't want to come home. 

Anna found the elephant that Ella made with Girl Scouts. She walked around acting like an elephant. 

I didn't take any pictures but Brian used his truck and a tow strap to pull out all the buses on half of our front flower bed. We have talked about redoing the layout and personalizing, adding color, less clutter, can see the house etc. 

My parents came over to celebrate their birthdays. We grilled chicken and just relaxed. I even remember to take a picture with each of them because all the ones I had are old. 

I made them a cake, which didn't turn out that great. It stuck to the pain, lesson learned. I also knew I had frosting in the cupboard but didn't realize it was from Christmas, oh well it still tasted good.

We ended the night with baths and bedtime stoires.

How was your weekend?

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