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 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We had a fun weekend visiting Brian's sisters farm in Kentucky. We got home later than I had anticipated so our weekend recap got pushed back until tomorrow. Last week on Instagram I put up a question box for Ask Anything. I picked 5 random questions to answer today. 

Have you started Christmas shopping for your kids?

Yes. I actually bought a few things back in July around two of my kids birthdays. I gave some as birthday presents and saved some more Christmas. I also have picked up a few things recently from Facebook Marketplace. 

I love all your holiday decor, when are you decorating for Christmas?

This year we are waiting until after Thanksgiving because we are hosting and will have about 20 some people in our house if not more. I do already have the itch to start decorating and buying new decorations but I am holding off. 

What home projects are you working on?

Oh a lot. Brian is finishing up painting the formal dining room/toy room that hasn't been touched since Mother's Day. We are removing wallpaper from the stairs and foyer (what we can reach) and the living room. Then we will be painting the living room. Brian bought new flooring to replace the carpet and floors in the living room, formal dining room, foyer, office, and upstairs hallway. Most of this is hopefully going to get done before Thanksgiving. 

We are wrapping out redoing the flower beds in the front yard, had a patio added to the back yard and a flower bed around it. Brian is still doing the stairs for the patio. In the spring we will have to plant more grass. With the weather turning colder and frost I think for the most part the outside projects are done for the year. 

Our basement is also a construction zone that started last winter then got put on hold. Hopefully that will get going again. We are doing a kids toy/craft/Lego room, a reading nook under the stairs, and an entertainment area with a car and workout space. 

What is your preteen using for Skincare?

I bought Ella - Tula Level 2 Acne fighting kit. When she uses it like she is suppose to it has been working well. She uses something different when she goes to her dads and I don't think it works as well if she is even using it while she is over there. 

What is one family tradition that you hope your kids carry on with their families one day?

That's a hard one. I have a lot of things I call traditions that I love and hope my kids carry on with their families. From driving around looking at holiday lights to going on vacations together. If I had to pick just one I would say sitting down at the table and eating dinner together as a family with no electronics or TV, and talking. from sharing about our day, asking questions, talking about the future etc. I have read so many articles about studies that share the positives for kids, teens, families, relationships that sit down as a family to eat. 

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