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 Hey loves. Who is ready for Prime days coming October 10 and 11th? I have started my kids Christmas lists and going to see if anything they want is on sale, and see what else I may find that we need/want. I also love getting ideas from other bloggers when they share what they bought on Amazon. With that today I am linking up with Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road Prime Purchases. Lets see what I ordered:

Large mesh laundry bag- Ella needed a laundry bag for her camping trip with school. 

Basketball needles- somehow our old needles got lost and/or broken. so I ordered new ones. 

Dainty white gold earrings- A gift for Ella for her birthday. 

Alphabet beads- Ella made her friends friendship bracelets for their birthday goodie bags. 

Drawing Tablet- birthday gift for neighborhood kids 

Glow sticks- stocking up for birthday goodies and Halloween. 

Thongs- I have been decluttering and getting rid of items. One of which was all my underwear that was stained, ripped, I didn't wear, etc. I grabbed a few new ones to replace what I had. 

Bing pens- birthday party goodie bags, Ella likes them but I tried them out. My fingers start to hurt when using them because of the crystals. 

Computer mouse- Ella needed a new mouse for school. The one she had broke and then she finds out that one of her teachers requires they have a mouse for class. 

9 volt batteries- It is almost day light savings time which means it is time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. One of ours needed changed already so I stocked up. 

Butchers twine- I have somethin cute planned with sourdough that I need twine for. 

Disco ball balloons- for Ella's birthday party

Heart glasses- for Ella's birthday party.

red lipstick- for Ella's birthday party

scrunchy- Ella's birthday party

tv strap- Anna got a new tv that I wanted to secure to her dresser. 

Star Pinata - Ella's birthday party

Fringe Curtain- Ella's birthday party

Candy -Ella's party

Mosquito repellent- doesn't stick and can now sit outside and not get bit by bugs

Halloween ghost- cute ghosts for outside

If you have been around for a while you may notice we didn't order Goldfish crackers this month. We use to get them every month for the past few years with subscribe and save at a really good deal. They were out of stock and then are now more expensive compared to buying them at the store, not worth it. 

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