Taylor Swift Birthday Party

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Are you a Swifty? For Ella's 12th birthday she requested a Taylor Swift themed party. She has her ideas of what she wanted and we ran with it. Here are all the details. 

You're Invited

We did tickets for the invitations. The ticket was printed on regular paper then glued to cardstock. Along the line for the ticket stub we took a thumb tack and make the line perforated to be able to easily tear off. In the envelope Ella included a note that they had to bring the ticket stub for entry (which two girls did). We forgot to include that it was a sleepover party, Ella told the girls and I confirmed with the parents when they RSVP. 


There were balloons all throughout the house. Not only for decorations but the girls also ended up playing volleyball and don't touch the floor with the balloons.

Number balloons (not pictured)

Purple streamers hung in the doorways to the living room, Ella's bedroom, and the dining room. 

The dining room had the girls spots laid out. Ella made paper flowers out of cupcake holders, had pinatas, their game boards, and goodie bags ready for them. The fridge curtain was a fun backdrop between rooms. I do NOT recommend to use the curtain in a walk through space. The curtain would stick to you and rip off very easily leaving strands all over the house. It would work better against a wall. 

Ella borrowed my letter board and made this sign that she found somewhere online. 


After changing our minds (as in Ella and I not agreeing) we decided on a simple ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. We went into the store so we could customize it with what she wanted. From the colors to the design. Ella picked a microphone and music notes and wanted it to say "Happy Birthday Ella Swift" and no our last name is not Swift. 

I have the best mother ever. For the past 8 years she has done all my kids cakes one way or another. (before that I used a local at home baker but that became so expensive and she no longer does them). Ella found a round cake that had the different Taylor albums and wanted that on her rectangle cake that we had planned to buy from Costco. We opted to go with the ice cream cake instead. My mom still surprised Ella with the design on a batch of brownies. 


Ella used Canva pro to create 6 different designs for a SWIFT Bingo game. 

Pin the lips on Taylor. We printed this image and cut out red lips. The girls spun around with an eye mask on and tried to get the lips closest to Taylors lips. 

Goodie Bags that they could put all their little gifts and accessories in. 

Each girl had their own pinata. It was filled with some candy, and spider rings. We used a baseball bat and a eye mask and our tree with a bungee cord. The girls ended up beating the pinata on the ground. I had nothing to do with each girl getting their own pinata, I would suggest just one for everyone and splitting the candy. 

The older girls did sheet face masks. I forgot to buy an extra for Anna so she used a mask cream I use. 

Other Details

This mama needed to prepare for a long night with 6 preteens and a sleepover. I grabbed an ice pumpkin cold brew with sweet cream foam from Starbucks at 4pm to get me through the night. 

Ella had a fun 12th Taylor Swift birthday party. This year was low key with details and planning compared to previous years. The girls stayed up past 2am just being girls. They were up by 730 because Anna wanted to play with them (we did hold her off for a half hour before that). For some of the girls it was an early morning of volleyball with games at 9am. 

Ella's group of friends right now are so polite and well behaved. We didn't have any issues, all the girls got along, and they were all wonderful with Anna too. 

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