Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. How was your weekend? Even with a rainy chilly weekend we still had a great time. Sometimes the best weekends are when plans change and there is more relaxing, and items getting checked off your to do list. We had a long three day weekend with my kids being off on Friday for a teacher in-service day.


The kids went off to school and I had a few hours before I was helping out at Ella's school. Originally my parents were going to watch Anna. Then my mom got a migraine that wouldn't go away and had already lasted 5 days. Her migraine doctor was able to get her in for a shot to break the migraine at the same time same time she was suppose to watch Anna. My parents said they would have taken her with them, but the doctor is an hour away, one way and she wouldn't be allowed to go into the doctors office with my mom so she could potentially be stuck in my parents car for 3 hours with nothing to do. Thankfully my best friend was off work and watched Anna for the few hours. 

I volunteered at Ella's school for Fall Fest. Last year I was stationed outside at the chalk station. I am thankful I signed up this year for the mummy station inside. It was cold and drizzling outside. (but the kids were still going outside)

Each team got 3 rolls of toilet paper to wrap one person in. Here is Ella wrapped up by her friends. 

It was flannel day at school. Ella went in my closet and found that I had to red flannels and asked if we could match. (one was actually Brian's) 

The event turned out to be a lot of fun this year. The mom's that were also doing the mummy's were great to work with, the kids were mostly behaved. Most of the kids did a great job with wrapping their friends to look like mummy's. Ella even came back down to the gym to wrap me up. 

Ella went to her dad's for the evening, then I headed back to my girlfriends house to pick up Anna's water bottle that we forgot over there earlier in the day. Brian sends me a picture of the neighbors kids over. I ended up staying longer than expected but we got into talking. 

A picture of our patio with some landscaping Brian added, the fire going, and the lights on. We still need to finish the steps and add more lights. 


No school meals a lazy start to the morning. I picked up Ella then we had a little time to relax before we went to the kids wellness appointments, well Austin and Ella's. It was not originally planned to take Anna with me but Brian's scheduled appointments and meetings at the same time. I was so happy they all behaved. 

By the time we got out of the doctors it was lunch time. I grabbed Austin and Anna McDonalds to share. Ella and I had Zoup because she had a free kids meal coupon that she got from school that we needed to use before it expired this week. 

Now for the fun of going to the pumpkin patch. I forgot the stroller, but Ella was a trooper with carrying Anna some. Anna actually did very good with walking around. 

Austin is 4 foot on the dot. 

Anna doesn't like to stand up straight everything has to be a pose. 

Ella is exactly 5 feet, without heels on. She has one more inch to catch up to me. 

The pumpkin patch we went to, Red Wagon Farms, recently opened a brewery. They had a beer tent to grab a beer while doing the fall festival. I grabbed a delicious pumpkin beer. 

The corn maze is always fun. There were 4 selfie stations within the corn maze, we did not find any of them. There is also numerous exit/entrances so you can go so many different directions. 

The kids always love the hay ride. 

A corn pit, that had straw mixed in. They were a mess. I even found corn at home in the laundry. 

Austin was so happy to be able to climb up on the bale of hay all by himself. 

We originally had a date night planned, but my parents backed out of watching the kids and we couldn't find another sitter at the last minute. We ended up just having a relaxing evening at home. 


It was a wet day. Cold, windy, and raining. Anna's soccer practice got cancelled. Unfortunately we have only made it to one practice so far, and there are only two left and can only go to one of them also. This year has been a bust. Fall soccer in our city doesn't do well. 

I am ready for Trunk or Treating. Our church was hosting an event that was originally outside. They switched it to an inside event. 

Introducing Queen Elsa and her body guard a Storm Trooper. 

They had a bunch of activities for the kids and Hocus Pocus 2 was playing in the background, which Anna was not happy about. They decorated sugar cookies that were in the shape of pumpkins, decorated cupcakes, painted a pumpkin and a wooden craft. Both kids ended up getting a little paint on their costumes. They also got a bag of candy before we left. They had a good time. 

It has been a while since I made sourdough bagels and Brian had been hinting he wanted bagels. I used a discard sourdough recipes that you also use yeast with. These are probably the best I have made so far. 

Brian and I got our date night out, his mom and Aunt watched the kids for a few hours. Brian and I had dinner at Yard House then went walking around the outdoor shopping mall in the wind and rain. We stopped by World Market and grabbed chocolate advent calendars for the kids (instead of waiting like I normally do then can't find any), some tea, and I found this Hallmark wine that I can't wait to try. Then we headed to Trader Joes. Austin has been asking for seaweed and we found it. He took one bite and spit it out and said it was gross. 


Off to church. Then the kids went to Sunday School and I relaxed and talked with a few other moms. Brian left during Sunday School to head to the Cleveland Browns game with some friends.

After church the kids and I had a relaxing day at home. I got caught up on a few things around the house, made cookies that we picked up at Trader Joes, made a thrown together chicken rice soup with ingredients of open bags that were in the freezer. 

We had a wonderful weekend. Now lets make it a great week. 
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  1. Gosh! I am a sucker for all of your fun fall activities-what a festive weekend!

  2. What a fun weekend! That's great that the Trunk or Treat was able to be moved from outside to inside. Anna must not like Hocus Pocus? I really need to try to make bagels, we eat so many. We're booked on the Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise next year and one of the events will be a wine tasting of the Hallmark Channel wines.


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