8 year old Boy Gift Guide

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 Hey loves. Who else is already tired of all the commercials on tv for kids toys?  The one streaming service we have plays the same commercials over and over again. Every time this certain one comes on, Anna drags me into the living room "I want this". It is a toy that isn't even for her age which is playing during a preschool show. Sorry but she won't be getting that for the holidays. 

8 year old boys is a fun age to buy for. Here are some fun ideas that boys are going to love. 

Lego Star Wars- Who doesn't love Lego's (besides when you accidently step on one). They are great for kids imagination and fine motor skills. 

Nerf Guns- Hours of fun with a friend or even a target 

Light up Basketball- playing outside in the dark is always more fun. Why not play with a light up basketball 

5000 Awesome Facts - Kids loving new things and acting smarter than their parents.

Light Bright- Use your creativity and have fun.

Nintendo Switch

Ant Park- Learn and explore with ants

Grave Digger Monster Truck

City Ultimate Garage 

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