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 Hey loves. Happy Monday. Anyone else already start Christmas shopping on Amazon? With that I am not sharing everything I bought this month because some are Christmas gifts and those people may read my blog. Anyone else having a Love/Hate relationship with Amazon deliveries already I have had numerous items that said they were out for delivery then get delayed and not show up for 2 or 3 days later. Thankfully nothing was in dire need to have on the delivery day but still aggravating. 

I am linking up with Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road Prime Purchases. Lets see what I ordered:

Bread Bags- these are the perfect size for my sourdough bread. I have been gifting bread recently, thinking about selling some, and using for my own storage. 

Electric Razor- Ella asked for a razor to start shaving, (how do I have a child old enough to shave) After talking with some girlfriends we decided to try an electric razor to start with. I have this razor also that I use when traveling and on my boney knees. 

Bible Stickers- I started journaling as part of my routine with reading the bible. I bought a bunch of different stickers to add to the journal and for inspiration.

Bible Stickers- another pack

Mascara- I hate to say that this use to be my favorite mascara for the price. I started using a different kind that is about $15 and I love that one even more and it safer from toxic chemicals. 

Tape Measure- a neighbor kid broke Brian's good tape measure on accident (kinda). I found the same one on Amazon for a lot cheaper than what I paid for the original. Yes it came and was the same one we had before. 

Coffee pot cleaner- I use these monthly to clean the inside components of the coffee pot. Without them my coffee pot was brewing as much coffee. 

Purse- I wanted a new purse for winter, something that wasn't a crossbody, and could hold more stuff. Someone recommended it on Tik Tok. I love the color and it will work for now but it feels very cheap, The top doesn't have a seam it is just cut and has no lining. 

Purse organizer- I really like the size and the pockets of the organizer. 

Throw Pillow Inserts- These are nice and fluffy. I made Fall covers to put on them and will change the covers each season. 

Croc Shoe decorations- Aren't these cute for Christmas. 

Cast Iron cleaner and towel- I have been using Brian's cast iron skillet more and wasn't like what he was using to clean it. I found this set that works so much better. 

Pencil Pouch- Ella's pencil pouch broke (it was from last year) and she found this one that she liked. It is big enough to fit everything that she had in two pouches and seems like good quality. 

Fearless Dress- Ella decided to be Taylor Swift for Halloween and picked to be Fearless, (this was after she wanted Reputation but we couldn't find a costume that she liked that wasn't $300) It worked for the few times she wore it. I did have to resew one of the bands of tassel back on, and a handful of strands of tassels have fallen off. For the price and knowing it is a costume it worked. 

Near in the Night by Emily Ley- I am a few days in and loving ending my night with a devotional that is so relatable to motherhood. It is a 100 day devotional but is broken down into 5 days a week then a reflection for the week. 

Detangler- My favorite hair detangler for Anna. She has waxy hair that gets knotted very easily. Other brands I have tried have made her hair greasy and/or felt gummy the next day and knotted more. With this one I feel like the next day the knots are not as bad. 

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