Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. It is so crazy to think that Christmas is in one week. Two of my kids go to school all this week, my youngest just has her preschool Christmas party today then is home all week. My Christmas shopping is done, I think I am done baking cookies, but I have all the wrapping and cleaning to do. Oh wait, Anna requested gingerbread cookies so we are going to to that this week. We are hosting Christmas with Brian's family on the 23rd. Then on Christmas day my parents and sister are coming over and keeping it low key. 

Thursday December 14

After school Ella made some sugar cookies with me before she went to her dads. This recipe was horrible. I am guilty of not reading the recipe in full and 6 cups of flour doesn't fit in my mixer very well. The flavor was good but they didn't want to roll out at all. 

Austin's school had a Bingo night that he wanted to go to. (I usually grad him to school events that he doesn't want to go to). We had so much fun. He saw a few friends. 

Bingo is such a fun and easy game to do for all ages, which makes a huge difference the last one I tried to get him to go to was a trivia night and he went last year with his dad and hated it. 

They played 4 games of bingo and he won 3 times. (they pulled a lot of numbers) All the kids got something before they went home. 

Friday December 15

Anna's lunch before school. She is on a strawberry, cucumber, carrots with ranch and chicken fries kick. 

Friday was my last day of sanity a few hours with no kids this year. That is crazy to think that. I ran around and finished a few last minute shopping and moving things around in the house. 

We had originally planned to go see a live Nativity but it was an evening full of attitude and someone not feeling well. Instead we stayed home. The kids played, Brian wrapped some gifts, I got some more things done around the house. Ella and Anna ended up having a movie night in Ella's room. It turned out to be a good evening and what we needed of just staying home.  

Saturday December 16

Not only did Ella and Anna have a movie night, Anna also slept in Ella's bed. It was wonderful I got a full night sleep without getting woken up and dragged into Anna's bed. I heard Anna crying in her sleep and went to check on her, Ella rolls over and hugs her and she stops. It was so sweet. 

Saturday ended up being another low key day at home. Kids playing, Brian wrapping presents. I was doing some blog work and cleaning and laundry. 

This has to be my second favorite soup I have made. A cheeseburger pasta soup. 

All the hot chocolates and waters ready to go driving around looking at Christmas lights. 

Our first stop was Carlisle Reservation had a walk through. I had told the kids to wear warm pajamas. Someone didn't listen but he liked all the Star Wars blow-ups 



After the walk thru we did the drive through for Carlisle, we were not impressed this year. It seemed a lot smaller and not as exciting. We ended up driving around for another hour or so looking at lights in different cities as the kids watched Home Alone. 

Sunday December 17 

Church on Sunday was our kids Christmas pageant. There were no lines. There were slideshows of pictures sharing the ABC of Christmas the kids had taken previously in Sunday School and during parents day out. The kids had the options to stand up on stage during the service. Anna was a cute little angel. 

I wish I knew what they were telling her because.... 

Then you can see her attitude. There were hands on her hips too. 

Austin was a Shepard. 

Ella didn't want to go on stage, but went to church. During the end of the service they sent the kids back to their parents. Ella ended up playing shopkins with my girlfriends daughters. 

After church we all went shopping together to finish the last of our Christmas shopping (hopefully). Kohls wasn't to busy with lost of registers open. Target was crazy but we got through self check out quickly, the regular lines were very long. Then Brian and Ella went in Ulta and it wasn't busy at all he said. 

We had our neighbors over to watch the Browns game. The girls played puzzles and acted like they were sleeping and colored while the boys played video games and nerf wars. 

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