Christmas Recap 2023 Part 2

 Hey friends. Christmas didn't go as planned again this year, story of my life. Our Christmas with Brian's family got pushed back until after our vacation due to sickness. You can read about Christmas part 1 here

Originally we were suppose to be hosting Christmas with Brian's family on Saturday December 23. The day before Austin ended up with an ear ache, missed school and I took him to the express care to get checked out. Turned out he had an ear infection (in the ear that wasn't bothering him) and he tested positive for RSV even though he didn't have any other symptoms of it. We made the decision to not host Christmas not wanting to get anyone else sick, especially Grandma right before our vacation. The extended family still got together at Grandma's house just to hang out but we waited on presents until after we got home from vacation.

Flash forward to January 6th. 

This girl was ready all day for Christmas and family dressed in her fancy dress, notice the heels too. I spent the day doing laundry from vacation and odds and ends around the house to prepare. Before we left for vacation I cleaned the house so there wouldn't be major cleaning to do.

In the morning Austin and Brian had basketball pictures and a scrimmage practice. We had out party planned for 4pm so we could still relax some. 

The sleigh arrived with all the gifts, a fire was lit, football on tv, lots of snacks and pizza, drinks and laughs. It was a nice somewhat relaxing holiday. There was no rushing around, and we had space to spread out. 

I didn't take any pictures the rest of the day. I was really just enjoying the excitement from my kids and our company. 

Oh I did enjoy some almond nog (egg nog but dairy free) with salt caramel Crown royal, it was really good. 

Everyone headed home by 8:30, there wasn't much clean up and the kids were all ready for bed. It was wonderful having the holidays spread out, not so rushed and hectic even if that wasn't the original plan. 

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