Let's Look- How We Clean Our Closet

 Hey friends. Erika and Shay are back at it again this year with monthly Let's Look topics. This months topic couldn't have come at a better time. I have been putting off cleaning, organizing, and purging. I want a fairy to come to my house and magically make everything clean, organized and downsized while I am sleeping. Wouldn't that be awesome. I know this mama is dreaming. I also kept using the excuse, "I'll do it when we get back from vacation" then it went to  "I'll do it once all our Christmas decorations are down". Yesterday I took the time to clean my closet and it feels great to have it done. 

Brian and I share a closet and we each get half. I hang up my dresses, sweatshirts, and dressy tops. The top shelf has my jeans, leggings, short, nail polish (out of Anna's reach), jewelry and other odds and ends. The bottom is shoes, purses, and the container of random stuff (more jewelry, watch bangs, extra contacts, lashes, etc).

How it started. I took everything out. All the clothes went on my bed, and the other stuff went in piles on the floor. I started with everything that gets hung up. I tried on everything that I wasn't sure fit. Then I went through everything else. I even organized all the drawers. I ended up with one garbage bag of stuff to donate or sell and one grocery bag of trash. 

The After

I kept putting it off but it took me less than an hour to pull everything out, go through it and put it all away. I put a podcast on and got it done. 

What is one area you have been avoiding cleaning that you know needs done?

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  1. You did an amazing job, and all in an hour!


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