Trader Joes Haul

 Hey friends. Bonus post today. I went to Trader Joes yesterday and found some new things and grabbed a bunch of favorites. I had to share. 

Grab your Trader Joes shopping list and your pen and add your favorites to your list. 

I also made a youtube video sharing the grocery haul if you prefer watching a quick video or reading a post. You can watch it HERE

Family favorite. I always like to have one on hand for the nights I don't feel like really cooking. You throw in the oven to bake. I will throw a bag of frozen veggies in the microwave and a 90 sec rice. Dinner is served. 

We eat turkey burgers a lot over the summer. I cooked some up this week to add on top of a salad for a quick lunch. Grabbed more for next week. 

Kids love corn dogs, nice to have on hand for a quick lunch or when they decide they won't eat what I am making for dinner. 

I have a love hate relationship with the gnocci at Trader Joes, but I am trying a new recipe next week so I am giving it ago again. 

I used the rest of my coconut milk so I grabbed some almond milk to try. 

Trader Joes has the best prices and the most beautiful flowers. They also always seem to last longer than anywhere else. 

Anna loves cucumbers and the regular grocery store was out last week. I grabbed these up and she already ate two. 

I am on the hunt for better protein bars that are not loaded with sugar and taste good. These Barbells bars have 20 g of protein and very little sugar. I tried the cookies and cream and it was delicious. 

Austin takes these as a snack for school. 

On the menu next week is homemade pizzas and a movie night.

Brian is on a sweet chili sauce kick. I grabbed to because I don't know if these are seasonal or not. 

This was an endcap special. Protein Dark Chocolate Muffin, add water and "bake" in microwave with 12 g of protein. I can't wait to try it. 

I love these sour cream and onion rings. They are 4 g of protein in a serving. It is hard to not eat the whole bag in one sitting. 

We are running low on kids snacks at home. Fingers crossed they like these cheese rocket crackers. 

Here are a couple of things I didn't buy but may go back and get. 

What are your current Trader Joes finds?
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