Weekend Wrap Up End of January

 Hey friends. Happy Monday. Happy last week of January that seemed like it was 500 days long. We had a much needed somewhat relaxing weekend. Yesterday was a long day and a late night but a fun one. This post is going out late because I didn't finish it up last night and I am doing it after my kids go to school in the morning. Lets jump in ...


The start of a crazy day. One day a week I drop off and pick up S at preschool in the morning, then in the afternoon I drop off and pick up Anna. The girls are in opposite classes this year and makes for some tears on both ends. As bribery for Anna I took her to get a donut. She was adorable and had chocolate all over her face that she wouldn't let me wipe off. Two older gentlemen thought she was the cutest thing. 

When we got home from the first drop off I got a quick 23 minute workout done and did some work around the house. Anna and I also did a craft, cuddled, and played Legos. 

Here's the real craziness of the day. We leave at 11:45 to pick up S. We home at 12:15 make the kids lunch and them eat. Leave at 12:45 to drop Anna off at school. It felt very rushed. They requested mac and cheese that seemed to take forever to boil and I ended up boiling the water over on the stove, it was just a mess. 

While Anna was at school, S was home with me until her mom picked her up. We played a few games, watched Finding Nemo and played Legos. She had a rough patch where she missed her mom so we went through pictures in my phone and FaceTimed her mom. 

Brian was judging a high school house building club so he wasn't home that evening. Ella went to her dads, was picked up late and we didn't know exactly at what time they were coming to get her. Austin was whiny he was soooo hungry and didn't want to wait to get food after Ella left so I made grilled cheese. Anna was also whiny so we had a lazy evening cuddling, reading, and watching tv. 


Saturday morning was Austin's first basketball game. For the past few weeks he has been having practices and mini scrimmages. He had his first game and did awesome. I loved being able to go and see how much he has grown since last year. Brian is his coach so he is there every week. 

He made 5 baskets, 10 points in the game, one being a foul shot. 

The boy couldn't keep his feet on the ground, half the pictures I have he is jumping. 

Anna was so excited to go to the game with me. She said we had to bring water, snacks, and the tablet. I didn't bring the tablet but brought her some crayons and paper. she did good for the 45 minutes, sat and watched, and shhh ate goldfish without making a mess, there isn't suppose to be food in the gym. 

The rest of the afternoon we spent at home relaxing. Right now my kids are loving these dance mats. and playing the floor is lava. 

I enjoyed time curled up with a book. I don't wear my glasses very often but I got new contacts and they were bothering me so I took them out. 


We went to church and the kids went to Sunday school. Afterwards Anna and I went home and ate lunch then went to my girlfriends house to hang out with her girls for a little bit. Austin and Brian stayed home to play some Xbox and relax. 

Anna and came home and rested for an hour. I read some and she played a game on Noggin.

Then we headed across the street to watch the football play off games. The kids had fun playing while we watched the games. 

Lets not forget all the foot. Brian made vegan chili that was delicious, we got a cheese pizza for the kids, and also had crab legs. 

I took the kids home a little before 8 for bedtime. Anna had gotten into the stamps and decorated her arms and face. By the time I got them situated for bed with pajamas, snacks, water, diffusers and humidifiers, bedtime stories... it was almost 9. I crawled myself into bed and fell asleep reading. 

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  1. So much fun- these are the days as they say- you look great mama- your workouts always inspire me!


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